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You're in love, you have a creative partner and your heart is bursting with joy. But wait, what's that? Your loved one has a creative itch that needs scratching! If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift to share your love of art with someone special then look no further than our Top 5 must-have art supplies.

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Art Sets

  1. Fine Point Pen and Brush Pens Dual Tip Markers Set - 36 Pieces Art Supplies

Grab our Markers for Coloring Set, and you'll have everything you need to unleash your creative side! From Calligraphy and Fineliners (different size) Pens for Journaling, Colored Markers for Drawing Books or even Brush Pens for Hand Lettering or to create stunning art drawings, you can do the whole lot. This set comes in its own gorgeous zippered case which will make sure your art supplies are always within reach.

      2. Drawing Pencils Art Set – 55 Watercolor Pencils and Sketching

This is an all-in-one set of art supplies to help you create amazing drawings, illustrations, and sketches for your hobby. This art kit contains 55 watercolor pencils, 12 metallic colored pencils, sketching pens, drawing notebook and clear drawing ruler to help you create dazzling colorful paintings. This set comes in its own zippered case which will make sure your art supplies are always within reach.

       3. Drawing Pencils – 37 Sketching Art Set

This art set includes graphite pencils, charcoal pencils for drawing, charcoal and graphite sticks, mechanical pencils, kneaded eraser with box, pencil erasers and sharpeners. It also includes blending stumps and an extender to help you get the job done right. This set comes in its own zippered case which will make sure your art supplies are always within reach.

Sketch Pads

      4. 100 Sheets Premium White Paper Sketch Pad - 9x12 Inches (68 lb/100 GSM) Sketchbook Pad with Spiral Bound 

A beautiful, quality sketchbook perfect for any art project. 100 Sheets Premium Heavyweight, fine toothed paper can be used for graphite and charcoal pencils, markers, gel pens, colored pencils, chalk, crayons, acrylic paint, charcoal and oil pastels. Each sketchpad contains 100 sheets of Heavyweight , fine toothed paper can be used for graphite and charcoal pencils, markers, gel pens, colored pencils, chalk, crayons and oil pastels.

        5. Black Paper Sketchbook 9x12 inches Sketch Pad - 70 Pages

Pure black, 70 sheets of fine toothed paper. Perfect for gel pens, posca markers, acrylic paint, watercolor and metallic pencils, Gouache, Chalk, Pastel, Colored Pencils, White Charcoal, Opaque Ink Pens.

ALL NIL Tech Supplies come with: step-by-step tutorials and guide lessons which teaches you how to draw popular characters in different styles. You can use these kits with other mediums like charcoal or ink to create realistic effects. + Digital Library which includes a variety of books on how to draw, from beginning to professional Artists.


Why does art matter?

  • Art is a form of self-care.
  • Art helps people express themselves.
  • Art can be a form of therapy and mental health support.
  • It's also a way to de-stress, which is especially important this time of year!

Creativity is good for you.

Creativity is good for your health.

It helps you express yourself, and it's fun! Creativity can also help you relax, be more productive at work, and perhaps even make you more creative in other areas of your life.

Art can help with your health.

  • Art can help with mental health.
  • Art can help with physical health.
  • Art can help with social health.
  • Art can help with spiritual health.
  • And it's not just about you! Art is also beneficial for the environment, as many artists are concerned about reducing their carbon footprint or minimizing their impact on the earth through their work and lifestyle choices (e.g., growing vegetables in your backyard).

Celebrate Valentine's Day with an art project!

It's Valentine's Day, and you're probably wondering what to get the person who has everything. Well, here's a suggestion: art supplies! You can take this opportunity to get creative with your kids or partner, or even just make something for yourself. The possibilities are endless when it comes to art projects--and they don't have to cost much money either!

Give creativity this Valentines Day, it's good for the soul!

If you're looking for a gift that will be appreciated and used, art supplies are the way to go. Art is more than just an activity; it's a way to express yourself and connect with others. It's also great for relaxing and de-stressing, as well as being a way to express your thoughts and feelings through painting or drawing. A creative hobby can help you learn new skills as well as improve existing ones!

So this Valentine's Day give creativity! Your loved one will thank you later when they're inspired by all the beautiful things they've created together with their new set of pens, pencils or paints (or whatever else floats their boat).

If you know someone who loves to create, give them a gift that will help them continue their creative journey. There are so many things you can do this Valentine's Day that involve art supplies, whether it's painting together or making a collage together. You don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy materials either! Just grab some paper from around the house or even recycle some old magazines into new projects (we love recycling here at Creativity for Kids). If you want more inspiration check out our blog post where we show off some awesome Valentines Day ideas for kids!

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