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Unleash Your Creativity:

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Stylish Girl!

Welcome, aspiring artists and creative enthusiasts, to our exciting step-by-step drawing guide! If you've ever admired a beautifully illustrated character and wondered how to bring such artistry to life on paper, then you're in for a treat. Today, we embark on an artistic journey to learn how to draw a stylish girl from the backside, dressed in a trendy crop top and jeans.

Drawing is a captivating form of self-expression that knows no bounds. Whether you're an experienced artist seeking to refine your skills or a complete beginner eager to dip your toes into the world of art, this guide is tailor-made for you. Armed with pencils, watercolors, and your imagination, we'll walk you through each stage, unveiling the secrets behind creating stunning illustrations.

Throughout this blog, you'll find a wealth of picture and video instructions, making it easy for you to follow along. Step-by-step, we'll build the foundation of our artwork, starting from the girl's graceful pose and gradually adding intricate details like a captivating braid and a stylish crossbody bag.

Along the way, you'll gain valuable insights into the art of form and perspective, as we outline the body and refine its features. From the flourish of a puffy-sleeved top to the rugged charm of denim jeans, every stroke and technique will come together to shape our unique character.

But the journey doesn't end with sketching alone. We'll delve into the captivating realm of watercolor pencils, where colors come to life with the touch of water. Through our "Activation Method 1," you'll witness the magic of transformation as simple pencils metamorphose into vibrant watercolors.

What is "Activation Method 1"? And is there a 2? Watch our full guide:

"Watercolor Pencils Demystified: Your Complete Guide to Painting Magic".

Whether you dream of filling your sketchbook with enchanting characters or simply wish to hone your drawing abilities, this guide is designed to nurture your artistic flair. With dedication and practice, you'll discover the joy of creating evocative artwork that captivates hearts and sparks imagination.

So, gather your art supplies, clear your workspace, and let's embark on this creative adventure together. Let the strokes of your pencil and the flow of colors on paper ignite the artist within. Get ready to draw a stylish girl from the backside, exuding confidence and charm, as you take your first step into the world of artistic brilliance! 

Step 1: Creating the Skeleton

Start by drawing a vertical line with a circle at the top, representing the girl's head.

how to draw a girl

Step 2: Outlining Shoulders and Waist

Draw four horizontal lines crossing the vertical line to outline the shoulders and waist.

how to draw a cute girl

Step 3: Outlining the Body

Connect the horizontal lines to form the top and bottom parts of the body, leaving a space in the middle for the waistline.

how to draw a girl easy

Step 4: Outlining Shoulders and Hands

Add small circles at the top of the horizontal line for the shoulders. Then, draw rectangles from these circles to create the hands.

how to draw

Step 5: Outlining the Braid

From the middle of the head circle, draw a line towards the left shoulder. Add circles on this line, getting smaller as you go, to create the braid.

how to draw a girl with a braid

Step 6: Outlining the Crossbody Bag

Draw a small square on the left side of the bottom, where the crossbody bag would hang. Next, draw a strap going from the top right shoulder towards the square.


Step 7: Adding Hair Details

Give volume to the hair by extending slightly beyond the head circle. Draw the end of the braid and accentuate its details. Add half-circles on the back of the head to create hair volume.

drawing a girl

Step 8: Drawing Shirt and Hand Details

The girl wears a cropped top with puffy sleeves. Use zigzag lines to create the effect on the sleeves. Draw crease lines where natural folds would occur. Use rectangles as guides to draw her arms.

step by step drawing tutorials

Step 9: Outlining Waist and Shorts

Connect the top and bottom body sections. The third to fourth horizontal lines represent the jean's beltline. Draw a back pocket on the right side of the jeans. Add creases for a natural look.

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Step 10: Finishing the Bag

Draw an elongated triangle on the side of her bag to give it a sharp shape. Add a handle to the bag.

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Step 11: Clean Up

Erase all construction and unnecessary lines, leaving only the final outline.

Step 12: Finalize with 0.8mm Fineliner

Use a 0.8mm Fineliner to trace over the lines, giving the drawing a clean and defined look.

drawing a girl easy

Step 13: Coloring Time!

Use an orange watercolor pencil to color the skin, hair, and the bag's strap.

step by step drawing tutorial of a girl

Step 14: Darken the Hair and Bag

Apply light pressure with a black watercolor pencil to differentiate the hair and the bag from the rest.

watercolor drawing idea

Step 15: Coloring the Jeans

Color the jeans first with a blue watercolor pencil and then add darker shades using light pressure with a dark blue watercolor pencil.

watercolor pencils

Step 16: Coloring the Top

Color the top with blue first and then use light pressure with a green watercolor pencil to add detail.

color pencils

Step 17: Activating Watercolor Pencils

Now comes the fun part! Activate the watercolor pencils by adding water. Refer to the "Watercolor Pencils Demystified" YouTube video for the "Activation Method 1." Dip a nylon bristle brush in water and start with the hair and bag since they share the same color.

cute girl drawing

PRO Tip: Keep a paper towel or wet wipe nearby to clean your brush in between colors to avoid mixing them.

Step 18: Activating Skin Color

Using a wet brush, go over all the exposed skin areas to activate the watercolor pencils.

easy tutorial on how to draw a girl

Step 19: Activating Blue Jeans

Clean the brush before activating a different color. Now, use the wet brush to activate the blues of her jeans.

draw a girl

Step 20: Activating the Top

Lastly, activate the watercolor pencils on her shirt/crop top using a wet brush.

watercolor girl drawing

There you have it! Your drawing of a girl from the backside, wearing a crop top and jeans, is complete and ready to showcase your artistic talent.

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Watch the full How to draw a girl video:


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