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Welcome to our Monthly Drawing Marathon. Join us and our featured Artist for a series of short instructional videos in their unique style.  

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About Sue 

visual stories: fine art, artist books, illustrated gifts

Sue Clancy artist

We love Sue for her incredible humility and obvious love for all living. Here is a little excerpt from 'about' section of her blog:

Sue Clancy’s lighthearted story-book style has decorated the walls in universities, hospitals and other public settings. Her work has illustrated books and literary magazines. Her artist books have been included in public and private library, museum and historical center special collections. Her artist books for children have over 38,000 views on

She is inspired by daily life: food, drink, literature, science, culture, pets and people. To create her visual stories and concepts she uses a variety of techniques, handmade paper collage, ink, gouache and acrylic. She designs visual stories that reflect both her inner world and her encounters with the external world. Imagination is the glue that binds them.

Upon receiving her BFA in Art from The University of Oklahoma, she embarked on a lifelong educational program of reading, traveling (in pre-pandemic times), listening to people and passing what she experiences through her imagination. She enjoys helping other people and places tell their stories visually.

Want to know more? You can find Sue's blog here: Sue Clancy 


Drawing Marathon - with Sue Clancy 

"Coffee pup"

pup sitting in a cup with coffee - drawing marathon with sue clancy


Idea Sources
  • life
  • collected personal references (objects, books etc.)
  • imagination
Refine idea via
  • objects
  • characters
  • actions/ situations

My Art Idea

  • cup from my kitchen (object)
  • dog photo (character)
  • the decadently enjoyable first sip of coffee feels like a spa/hot tub (action situation)


  • draw basic shapes lightly
  • firm up shapes, lay in shadows
  • draw select details, add highlights, erase any extra lines 

Art Set Used in Marathon

Marathon Videos 

Video captions, release dates and links to videos on Instagram (once marathon will be over all videos will be uploaded here as well) :  

Step 1- which NIL-TECH set I used, how I get my ideas September 19th 

Step 2 - using watercolor pencils to make basic shape outlines

Step 3 - using watercolor pencils to mass in color areas

Step 4 - using watercolor brush pen to smooth mass color shapes

Step 5 - sharpen watercolor pencils to layer more color on the dog and define shape of coffee cup

Step 6 - use watercolor pencils to layer more color

Step 7 - use watercolor pencils and watercolor brush pen for steam and more color shaping and blending

Step 8 - sharpen and use non-watercolor pencils for dog details

Step 9 - use color sticks for final highlights and blending. Finished "Coffee Pup'!








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