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How to draw a deer

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled "How to draw a deer".The deer has almost a similar structure to a horse. The difference between them, of course, is that deer have a shorter and elegant trunk, a short tail and branched horns, which you cannot draw because not all deer have horns. To draw a deer, especially a running one is not easy. The difficulty is that in the drawing you need to convey the grace, the dynamics of his movements. In this lesson, you will be able to draw a deer step by step in a graphite pencil.

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Let’s learn how to draw a deer step by step

 1. Draw the basic contours of the trunk 

How to draw a deer step by step

Let's divide the picture into several sections. To do this, draw two identical circles for the trunk and one small circle for the head. The next step is to draw the deer's hooves, the front ones are closer together, and the rear ones are at a distance from each other. Make a marking for the knee joints, dividing the distance from the trunk to the hooves in half. The front legs are easy to draw, just draw straight lines, but the back is harder to draw. First, you need to draw a left leg, it's almost straight and then draw a right foot, in the form of such a "lightning" as in my drawing.

 2. The preliminary shape of the legs of a deer

How to draw a deer tutorial

If you could draw exactly the hind legs, then it will be easier to draw. But, to make it easier to draw, let's draw in stages. At this step, draw completely the shape of the legs.

 3. The general contour of the trunk, headand legs

How to draw a deer

At this step, circle the preliminary contours of the head and torso of the deer and then remove the extra contour lines. Angular leg lines make smooth, draw hooves.

 4. How to draw a deer's head

How to draw a deer

Now let's learn how to draw horns. To draw the horns of a deer, you must first draw two curved main branches of the horns, and then draw the branches of the horns directed inwards, between the horns. Try to make the horns symmetrical, so that both branches are the same size. After that, you need to draw two ears and begin to paint in detail the "face". To do this, draw symmetrical ovals for the eyes. Just below the contour of the nose in the form of a circle and draw a small mouth.

 5. Add and update details of the deer pattern

How to draw a deer

Now you can draw a deer in detail. First draw a small tail. Specify the shape of the deer's ears. Draw in detail the eyes, nose and mouth of the deer and only then proceed to completely draw the antler's horns.

 6. How to draw a deer. Final step

How to draw a deer

At this point, we'll add shadows to the image and sketch the color of the spotted reindeer skin. You can simply copy the color of the deer from the photo, or you can add specks on the deer skin at your discretion. Tone coloring with a graphite pencil will make the deer figure beautiful and voluminous, but the colored pencils will do more and make the deer figure more realistic. For greater pictoriality, add a winter northern landscape to the deer drawing.

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