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how to draw a head 3/4 view

Hi everybody, and welcome to anew NIL-Tech drawing tutorial: "Head". Today we are going to draw the plaster head of the god Apollo. The Apollo's head is often used for creating an academic drawing. Learning how to draw plaster heads is very useful if you want to develop your skills and your eye. This goes for both illustratorsand portrait painters.


Here are some interesting facts about your Head and Face:

1. There are around 100,000 hairs on the average adult human head, and we lose about 50 daily.

2. Genuine facial expressions are, in most cases, symmetrical. From frowns to smiles, we typically reveal real emotions equally on both sides of the face. Just like an image hanging perfectly on a wall, one's face looks most natural when balanced.

3. There are 21 mimetic facial muscles - generally called muscles of facial expression. They are the only muscles in your body directly connected to your skin, and so create the foundation of your face.

4. Humans can make approximately 10,000 different facial expressions.

5. We consistently flash micro-expressions that last less than 1/25th of a second. Not every facial expression we make, even the genuine ones, are easy to read. Some indicators of emotion can flash by rapidly, in just a split-second, before we consciously or subconsciously neutralize them.

In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • B pencil
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser
All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Store.
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Let's draw a "Plaster Head of the God Apollo" step by step!


how to draw a head

Step 1. Draw a circle - this will be a base for most of the head and draw the midline. Since the head is drawn in rotation, by following the laws of perspective, the right side of the face will be smaller than the left one. This statement will apply to all parts of the face (pencil B).


how to draw a head step by step

Step 2. Outline the front part of the head and divide it into three equal sections. On the first line, there will be eyebrows; on the second one - end of the nose (pencil B).


how to draw a head with hair

Step 3. Draw the midline of the eyes and lips as in the example above (pencil B).


how to draw a head for beginners

Step 4. With straight lines, we build most of the nose (pencil B).

how to draw a head easy

Step 5. With circles, sketch the tip of the nose and the eyes. The interval between the eyes will be the same as their width (pencil B).

how to draw a head shape step by step

Step 6. Draw the visible wing of the nose. With the vertical lines, outline the highest points we get when opening the eye. Draw straight lines from them that will show the direction of opening the eye (pencil B).

how to draw a head face and hair

Step 7. Draw the shape of the nose and erase extra lines of construction. Draw the shape of the eyes (pencil B).

how to draw a head and face step by step

Step 8. Draw the eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids, and tear ducts. Draw the middle of the lips, showing the direction of their planes in volume (pencil B).

how to draw a head turning

Step 9. Draw the shape of the lips and nasolabial fold. Draw the neck and chin. Mark, where the hair will be, and also erase all unnecessary construction lines (pencil B).

how to draw a head turned to the side

Step 10. Draw the hair. The hairstyle is divided into two parts - the upper one resembles a bow. Erase the unnecessary lines of construction (pencil B).


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