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drawing of a penguin

Hi everybody, welcome to anew NIL-Tech drawing tutorial:"Penguin". Penguins are incredible birds! They are not quite like any bird you have seen before in your backyard or at the park. They have adapted to their cold environment in a manner that makes them pretty unique.


Here are some interesting facts about Penguins:

1. Emperor Penguins are the tallest species, standing nearly 4 feet high. The smallest is the Little Blue Penguin, which is only about 16 inches.

2. A penguin's striking coloring has developed to be camouflage. From above, its black back blends into the dark depth of the ocean. From below, its white tummy is hidden against the light surface.

3. Fossils put the earliest penguin family member at some 60 million years back. It means that the ancestor of the birds we see today survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.

4. Penguins consume a lot of saltwater while searching for fish. However, a special gland behind their eyes - the supraorbital gland - filters the saltwater from their bloodstream. Penguins secrete it with their beaks or by sneezing.

5. Unlike many birds - which lose and replace a couple of feathers at a time - penguins molt at one time, spending two or three weeks land-bound as they undergo what is called the catastrophic molt.


In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • B pencil
  • colored pencils
    • black
    • dark blue (medium and dark)
    • yellow
    • carrot
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser
All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find atNIL-Tech Amazon Store
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Let's draw a "Penguin" step by step

penguin drawing

Step 1. With circles, outline the head and body of the penguin (pencil B).


how to draw a penguin step by step

Step 2. Then, with circles, outline the wings and legs (pencil B).


cute penguin drawing

Step 3. Add details on the head. Connect the circles with smooth lines and make the silhouette of the penguin clearer. Draw the paws and tail (pencil B).


penguin drawing easy

Step 4. Erase all excess construction lines and add details. Brighten the contour of the drawing (pencil B).


easy penguin drawing

Step 5. Start hatching with the dark parts: head, wings, and tail (black colored pencil).


penguin cartoon drawing

Step 6. Brighten the shadows with a black pencil and add dark blue on the lighter areas (colored pencils: black, dark blue).


simple penguin drawing

Step 7. Add the details on the beak, head, and body. Hatch eyes with a blue pencil (colored pencils: yellow, carrot, blue).


penguin drawing step by step

Step 8. Finishing the bottom part. Draw shadows with black and blue pencils. With the same colors, draw the paws (colored pencils: black, blue).


easy pictures to draw

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