How to Draw a Rose Tutorial

How to Draw a Rose Tutorial

Feb 13 , 2020

how to draw a rose easy

Welcome to a new NIL tech's Step by Step Drawing tutorial "How to draw a Rose”. It is considered by many difficult to draw this flower due to the intricacy of its shape, however, it is not as hard as it looks. Like anything complex, it is all about breaking it down into smaller steps and adding detail.

A few words on the history of this lovely flower before we start drawing it.

A rose is a perennial flower shrub or vine of the genus Rosa, within the household Rosaceae, that contains over 100 types and is available in a range of colors. The types form a group of erect shrubs, and climbing up or routing plants, with stems that are typically armed with sharp prickles. Locals, cultivars, and hybrids are all extensively grown for their beauty and scent.

The leaves are alternate and pinnately compound, with sharply toothed oval-shaped brochures. Rose plants vary in size from compact, mini roses, to climbers that can reach 7 meters in height. Types from various parts of the world quickly hybridize, which has triggered numerous types of garden roses. 


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Ways to draw a rose step by step - Let's begin!


rose drawing tutorial

Step 1. We'll start drawing a rose with 3 simple construction lines. A big circle (the outer border of the flower), a vertical line and the main triangle (sort of). We'll keep adding details and intricacies step by step. 


easy Valentine's day rose drawing

Step 2. The next step to drawing a rose is to add leaves. Leaves are simple to draw, think oval and then add teeth (little triangles) all over the border of the oval. You can add as many as you like. 


simple rose drawing tutorial

Step 3. Now that we have specified the boundaries of our rose it is time to draw the inner core of the flower. Copy the next step as pictured, a sort of little chalice or lengthened cup, directly in the middle of the lower body. Precisely like in the picture.


learn to draw rose step by step

Step 4. We'll work from the center of the rose towards the perimeter including leaves and petals. Aim to establish the cup into a somewhat more elaborate figure. Keep the general shape nevertheless add a few petals. Utilize the image as a guide.


valentine's day drawing tutorial

Step 5. From here keep including petals in a circular fashion. Keep in mind that internal petals are smaller sized than external petals. Also, petals tend to be bent, twisted at their extremities. Attempt to recreate that result. Utilize the fundamental building and construction lines as a guide for the positioning of the petals.


rose flower drawing tutorial

Step 6. Erase the internal construction lines and exactly what do you have? Well, a drawing that is looking really like a rose! But it's not completed yet. 
Let's connect the internal petals before proceeding with the ones further out.


flower drawing for valentine's day

Step 7. Connecting them means tracing them precisely, work out the crossway points so that you do not have weird intersecting of lines and so on. I've added a little shadow too, just a few lines, to try and emphasize their structure. 


how to draw a rose step by step tutorial

Step 8. Including the external petals is a mere exercise of patience. Do the same as for the internal petals. Sketch them in, find out the intersection points and add a bit of shadow. Use building lines as a reference. 


simple rose step by step drawing tutorial

Step 9. Now think what happens if you remove the construction lines.? Well, you have a beautiful drawing of a fantastic rose! It's helpful to have a reference photo if you want to get the details right.


learn how to draw a rose step by step

Step 10. Last touches! Keep including the details of the leaves and petals, combine the drawing and remove every building line. There you have a gorgeous drawing of a rose.


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