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Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled "How to draw  Homer Simpson”.

Raccoon is an amazing animal, if only because it has spread from North America to other continents and is excellent there. Now we consider the raccoon to be quite "our own" and some even keep them at home.

Generally speaking drawing Simpson characters is not too difficult due to the extremely basic (yet effective) style of the characters based on simple shapes and uniform lines.

 With tutorial we'll be drawing the smiling face of Homer Simpson to start with a simple one. If you can draw a pill and a circle you'll be able to draw an excellent Homer Simpson! Let's start.


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Let`s start to draw Homer Simpson step by step

Alright the initial step is, you think right, drawing a big pill! Homer Simpson's face can be confined in a tablet shape. So draw this shape as indicated in the image and include a little bit of neck. Also cut the pill in half with a horizontal median line that we'll utilize for placing the other facial functions.


Up until now so good and try to get the tablet right!.


This step is essential to put the eyes of Homer. Homer's eyes, by the method, are perfect circles so they tend to look circular from practically any angle.


After you have divided the pill/head in 2 halves you might wish to draw another two lines a bit above and a bit below the very first horizontal midline. You are intending here for developing a quadrangular shape where to engrave the circular eyes of Homer.


You also wish to draw a vertical midline that runs where the junction of the eyes is expected to be. Normally speaking the vertical midline is vital to picture the orientation of the face.


Let's carry on.


Now draw the eyeballs. See the best eyeball is nearly completely circular and is drawn inside the construction lines we have actually properly constructed so far. The ideal eyeball on the contrary is not totally noticeable because is partially covered by the left eyeball. I have actually dotted the part of the ideal eyeball which is expected to be in the eye-socket.


I have actually also gently drawn curved line that will define the mouth area (the usually lightly unshaved area of the face that defines Homer).


The best ways to draw Simpsons with the Drawing factory!


Ok our Homer Simpson is actually shaping up well! Now it is time to include the nose and to shut out the shape of the mouth.


As you can see also the suggestion of the nose has a tablet like shape! So add the pill-shaped nose and the rim of the mouth. Be careful to make the upper lip larger and more popular than the lower lip. This is a crucial characteristic of Homer's face.


We are arriving my buddy. Let's finalize the drawing now!


We have been striving so far to develop the proportions and shape of Homer's face so now simply invest a little time enjoying ourselves and refining and smoothing out the curves of the face. All the lines must flaw flawlessly and gently.


Also deal with the lips to add that additional bump and tidy up your drawing!


Now you now ways to draw Simpsons! (well a minimum of Homer in the meantime).


Ok now add the final touches: the hairs (3) and you have a fantastic illustration of Homer Simpson! I understood you could do it!


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