How to draw Iron Man Mk. VI step by step

How to draw Iron Man Mk. VI step by step

Jun 18 , 2018

iron man drawing

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled ‘How to draw Iron Man Mk. VI”. Do you know who  is Iron Man?

The Mark VI Armor was Tony Stark's sixth Iron Man match and was developed to change the Mark IV after Stark produced an improved Arc Reactor with a greater energy output utilizing a new aspect. Significantly it was the very first match to have a triangular chest piece and the only classic (I-VII) to have one of that design.


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Let's Start drawing - Iron Man Mk. VI step by step

how to draw iron man

Step 1


iron man clipart

Step 2


iron man helmet drawing

Step 3


ironman drawing

Step 4


iron man head

Step 5


iron man sketch



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