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naruto kakashi face

Hi everybody, welcome to anew NIL-Tech drawing tutorial:"Hatake Kakashi". Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto series is blessed with an array of fascinating, thrilling, and memorable characters, yet among one of the most popular is Hatake Kakashi. As the leader of Team 7, Kakashi provides knowledge and also training for Naruto and his close friends. Nevertheless, he is far from your stereotyped sensei and comes complete with his unique character, touching back story, and an incredible arsenal of excellent Jutsu.


Here are some interesting facts about Kakashi:

1. His Mask Was Covering A Mole. Among the biggest mysteries in Naruto - regarding the filler episodes - what is hidden underneath Kakashi's face mask. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura spent hours attempting to catch their team leader without wearing the mask. However, for one reason or another, it would always fail.

2. His Sword Was an heirloom From The Hatake Clan. Kakashi isn't typically famous for being a sword-wielder in the Naruto series. However, flashback scenes reveal that, in his youth, the ninja would usually fight with a little Tantō blade. Although not much is said about the weapon, this Katana is far more substantial than merely a typical issue sword.

3. He Got the Mangekyou Sharingan Means before He Used It. There is some argument within the Naruto fandom regarding exactly how Kakashi developed the Mangekyou vision of his Sharingan eye. The character first uses the technique on-screen during his battle with Akatsuki member Deidara in Naruto Shippuden. However, it is later verified that Kakashi got the power as a kid at the very same time Obito gained it, shortly after Rin had died.

4. Graduated at Age 5, Chūnin At 6. Young ninja characters in Naruto usually appear and act much older than they actually are. And character ages are generally kept vogue in anime as a general regulation. Therefore, some fans may be surprised at how young Hatake Kakashi was when he reached the initial 2 big milestones in his ninja career. The future Sixth Hokage was only five years of age when he graduated from the Konoha academy and became a fledgling Genin. It took him only a year to make the rising to Chūnin. Comparatively, Neji Hygūa - who was also considered a child prodigy - became a Genin at age 12 and a Chūnin at 15.

5. He Never Retires. For several years, Hatake Kakashi takes up the Hokage's mantle before relinquishing Naruto's title and allegedly going into retirement. Regardless of stepping away from front-line ninja duty. However, succeeding Naruto media has shown that Kakashi never really seems to take to the easy-going way of life and, instead, continues to do missions in an unofficial capacity.


In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • B pencil
  • HB pencil
  • colored pencils
    • marsh
    • blue (medium, dark)
    • gray (light, dark)
    • brown (light, dark)
    • black
    • dark green
    • red
    • skin color
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser
All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find atNIL-Tech Amazon Store
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Let's draw "Hatake Kakashi" step by step!


kakashi hatake face

Step 1. Start drawing with a skeleton, which consists of simple lines and circles. The upper circle is a base for the head. The vertical line is the back's curve, the horizontal - the shoulders (pencil B).


how to draw kakashi hatake

Step 2. Add the lower part of the face and the collar. With lines, show the hands' placement (pencil B).


how to draw kakashi step by step

Step 3. Outline the area where the hair will be. With circles, outline the contour of the arms (pencil B).


how to draw kakashi sensei

Step 4. Outline the hair and the left arm. Draw the lines of the back (pencil B).


naruto kakashi

Step 5. Draw the right arm and the elements of the vest. Draw the face and the bag (pencil B).


kakashi naruto

Step 6. Erase all excess construction lines and add details like folds and symbols on the jacket (pencil B).


kakashi anbu

Step 7. With a harder pencil, draw lines to separate the drawing's shadow parts on the figure (pencil HB).


kakashi drawing

Step 8. Start hatching with the light areas of the drawing (colored pencils: marsh, blue, light gray, light brown).


sharingan kakashi

Step 9. Add shadows with pencils of the same shades, but one tone darker. Brighten the light areas. In blue-colored areas, brighten the shadows with black. Color the round elements on the clothes with red (colored pencils: marsh, blue, light gray, light brown, dark blue, black, dark green, red, dark brown, dark gray).


kakashi fanart

Step 10. Finally, color in the face, hands, and bandage. The main thing is color in the eyes with different colors: one red and the other brown (colored pencils: blue, light gray, light brown, red, skin).


how to draw kakashi hatake

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NIL Tech

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