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raya and the last dragon

Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Raya and the Last Dragon" travels to the dream world of Kumandra, where dragons and people cohabited long ago in harmony. When an evil force threatened the land, the dragons compromised themselves to save humankind. Now, 500 years later, that same evil has returned, and it's up to a lone warrior, Raya, to track down the legendary last dragon to restore the fractured land and its divided people. However, along her journey, she'll learn that it'll take more than a dragon to save the world—it's going to take trust and teamwork as well.


Things you should know about Raya and the Last Dragon:


1. It Was Created By The Same Studio As 'Moana' And 'Frozen.'

    The same studio produces this film as those that made Moana and Frozen, which fans hope means more fantastic tunes and unbelievable graphics. It leaves others wondering how it will compare to these other two films for this reason. There is a lot of pressure on this film viewing as Disney hadn't launched a brand-new Disney princess given that 2016 when Moana was presented to the world.


    2. Her Sidekick Looks Like A Big Hamster With Armor.

      There is no other description for Tuk Tuk besides the truth that he looks like a huge hamster in armor comparable to an armadillo. Others have explained him as a giant tablet bug due to the method he can move by rolling into a ball.


      3. She Was To Become A Guardian Of The Dragon Gem.

        Raya's dad is the Chief of the Kumandra, so she was trained from youth to become a guardian of the Dragon Gem. These plans altered after the world moved into something brand-new, and her fate changed completely. This training prepared her for the self-reliance journey that she took to conserve her individuals from vanishing for good.


        4. Raya Is An Excellent Fighter.

          A huge part of Raya's training remained in the field of hand-to-hand combat with both battling sticks and a sword. She is active and quiet on her feet, in addition to a threat when it comes to fighting. Raya was training to stop at nothing to defend the Dragon Gem, and her skills show this frame of mind which is why she might be the strongest Disney princess yet.


          5. Her People Are Divided Into Five Groups.

            The modification in the land has actually led to the people of Kumandra splitting into 5 different groups that are identifiable by their different colors. The guardians use blue, while the other groups can be seen using orange, pink, gray, and tan.



            Let's Draw ‘Raya and The Last Dragon’ Step by Step


            In this tutorial we used the following supplies:

            • Pencil B
            • Eraser
            • Colored Pencil 
              • Blue
              • Brown
              • Dark Brown 
              • Ocher
              • Cyan
              • Black
              • Turquoise
              • Purple
              • Yellow
              • Beige
              • Red


            All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
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            the last dragon

            Step 1. Outline the figure of a person with a circle and lines and place it slightly to the right of the paper. (Pencil B)


             Step 2. On top of the outlined lines, draw clothes, a hat, and add the lines of the hands on the sides. (Pencil B) 

             the last dragon cast

            Step 3. On the left, using a circle and lines, outline the dragon. Then on Raya, add her face and her hair. (Pencil B)

             the last dragon cast

            Step 4. Using the outlined lines, draw the face and shape of the dragon's head, also outline the boundaries of the mane. (Pencil B)

             the last dragon movie

            Step 5. Within the outlined lines draw a mane and two horns in the center near the face. (Pencil B)


            Step 6. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and make the contour lighter with an eraser. (Eraser)

             the last dragon

            Step 7. Draw over the existing outline with colored pencils. For the dragon we use blue, and for Raya the hair will be dark brown, the hat is brown, and the clothes are ocher. (Colored pencils blue, brown, dark brown, ocher)

             new disney movies

            Step 8. Make the overall tone of the shapes. The dragon is blue, and for Raya, the hair is dark brown, the hats and vests are brown, and the blouses are ocher. (Colored pencils blue, brown, dark brown, ocher) 

             last dragon

            Step 9. Let's move on to the details of the dragon. Make the eye contour black and the iris brown. For thehairwe use cyan, blue, turquoise and purple, use the darker colors for the shadows and make a gradient on the wool, this will create a shine effect. (Colored pencils cyan, black, brown, blue, turquoise, purple)

             dragon movies

            Step 10. Move on to Raya's clothes and hair. For the vest and the hat, use a dark brown for the shadows and add a little black on the inside of the hat, and enhance the color with brown. For the blouse we use ocher and yellow, and the shadows are brown. Make the hair dark brown, brown and black and enhance the shadows. (Colored pencils brown, dark brown, ocher, yellow, black)

             dragon cartoon

            Step 11. The last step is to make Raya's skin and face. For the skin we use beige, and the shadows are done with brown. Outline the eyes in black, and all other lines and eyebrows in dark brown. Make the irises brown and the lips red. (Colored pencils beige, brown, red, black, dark brown)


              And There You Have It!

            Raya and The Last Dragon Drawing. We hope you enjoyed drawing with us. See you in the next Tutorial!

            All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
            Get yours today, here is a coupon for 10% OFF:


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