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Sesame Street is an American educational tv series for kids. The show has been continuously broadcast considering its creation, making it one of the longest-running programs in American history.

A pioneering children’s education series,Sesame Street features animations, live actors, and a core cast of puppet characters, the Muppets. Designed by Jim Henson, the Muppets—especially the impossibly cute Elmo, Big Bird, the inseparable Bert and Ernie, and Cookie Monster—became American icons and starred in a series of motion pictures and television specials. The show’s name refers to the fictional urban street where many of its characters live and interact. Using brief skits, musical numbers, cartoons, and live-action video footage (e.g., of children in other countries), the program seeks to engage children’s minds and foster learning, basic academic skills, self-esteem, positive socialization, and problem solving.


Interesting Facts About Sesame Street:



According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original concept for Sesame Street came about throughout a 1966 dinner celebration hosted by Joan Ganz Cooney, a producer at New York City's Channel 13, a public television station. That inquiry was all it took to get the ball rolling on what would Send up being Sesame Street.


When the idea for Sesame Street was first being talked about, the initial title being gone over was 123 Avenue B. Eventually, that title was nixed for both being an actual location in New York City that would place the program best throughout Tompkins Square Park and being too specific to New York City.


Before he ended up being the star of The Muppet Show (and the different Muppet motion pictures), Kermit the Frog got his start as a primary character on Sesame Street.


Many people considered Kermit the Frog to be an alter ego of creator Jim Henson.


Visitor stars have always been a part of the Sesame Street dish, starting with the first episode. “It was a magnificent show. I think one time I was asparagus."


Let's Draw ‘Sesame Street’ Step by Step


In this tutorial we used the following supplies:

  • Pencil B
  • Pencil 5B
  • Colored Pencil
    • Orange 
    • Yellow 
    • Green 
    • Cyan 
    • Pink 
    • Purple 
    • Red
    • Black 
    • Marsh
    • Beige
    • Blue


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 sesame street

Step 1. We start drawing by drawing a middle line and marking on it where the lantern will be and then draw 2 walls on the sides.. (Pencil B)


sesame street characters

Step 2. Drawing a lantern based on the marks on the middle line, drawing a sign board plate connected to the pole, and then adding sill lines on the walls. (Pencil B)


sesame street

Step 3. With the help of circles and lines we outline the characters.. (Pencil B)


sesame street drawing

Step 4. Draw everyone's faces and add books to everyone's hands, and write “Sesame street” on the plate. (Pencil B)


sesame street episodes

Step 5. Add bodies to all, focusing on the construction lines, and draw bricks on the walls. (Pencil B)


sesame street abc

Step 6. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and use a softer pencil to enhance the outline. (Pencil 5B)


sesame street toys

Step 7. We start painting by doing the general background. For Grover we use blue, and for his book we use orange, for Big Bird we use yellow and orange, and for the book we use green, for the Cookie Monster we use blue and the book we use pink, for Ernie we use orange, purple, black and blue, and for the book we use yellow. For the lantern, we use yellow, marsh, and for the walls, red. (Colored pencils blue, orange, yellow, green, cyan, pink, purple, red, black, marsh)


grover sesame street

Step 8. We proceed to the detailed drawing of Big Bird and Ernie. For Big Bird, we enhance the yellow and orange, make small shadows, and draw the texture on top with a black pencil, also make the eyes black and blue eyelids. Orange we enhance the color of the legs, and red we make shadows and stripes. For Ernie, we enhance the color of the face and fingers with orange, and with black we make the eyes, mouth and hair, and red for the nose. With the help of purple we enhance the color of the jacket, and with blue we make shadows on the pants. Since the sneakers are white, use beige to make small shadows on them. We paint pink for both languages. (Colored pencils yellow, orange, pink, black, red, blue, purple, beige)


sesame street count

Step 9. Next, go to Grover and Cookie Monster. For Grover, using blue, we enhance the color and draw the texture of the fur, also make the mouth and eyes black, and the nose red. For Cookie, we intensify the color with blue, and draw the texture of the wool with blue, make the eyes and mouth with black. (Colored pencils blue, cyan, red, black)


youtube sesame street

Step 10. The last step is to work on the remaining details. For books, we enhance the color accordingly, add shadows on yellow orange, and purple on pink. On the lantern, enhance the color of the lower part with the swamp, and add shadows to the upper one with yellow and orange. Since the upper part of the walls is light, then there we make shadows with the help of beige and dark brown, and on the lower part we intensify the color with red and add small shadows with blue. (Colored pencils yellow, orange, marsh, pink, green, purple, red, blue, beige, dark brown)


And There You Have It!
Sesame Street Drawing. We hope you enjoyed drawing with us. See you in the next Tutorial!


All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
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