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easy spider-man drawing tutorial

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial. NIL-Tech has prepared a new awesome Drawing Tutorial for you: “How to draw Spider-Man from MCU”. Spider-Man is a superhero that was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. His first appearance was in August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy # 15. The idea of creating this character came to Stan Lee from a fly. He initially named this superhero ‘Stick-to Wall Man’. He also tried names like Insect-Man, Fly-Man, and Mosquito-Man up until he finally found the most remarkable of all of them ‘Spider-Man’. Your favorite superhero was when a part of the Fantastic Four. At that time, they called it the Future Foundation.

Here are some interesting facts about Spider-Man:

1. The initial love interest of Spider-man was Betty Brant - the secretary at The Daily Planet. Peter didn’t meet Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy in the first comics until he went to college.

2. The Broadway musical “Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark”, which debuted in 2010, is the most high-priced musical in the history of Broadway with weekly costs running about $1.2 million.

3. Spider-Man was also the victim of some quite heavy censorship. The Comic Authority Code began censoring comics in the early 70s. They felt making use of drugs, violence, and adult styles were leaving hand and comics were no longer appropriate for kids. The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1. #96 brought up quite a heavy drugs theme. However, Stan Lee insisted it revealed the negative results of drug dependency and therefore had a strong ethical message. The 2 celebrations disagreed, and the comic was released without approval by CAC. It was well-received by fans.

4. Spider-Man became the first teen superhero to hold his own - all others had been partners to adult superheroes in the past.

5. No one’s quite sure what happened to Peter Parker’s parents, although it was revealed that they were both S.H.I.E.L.D. representatives. They also were involved in saving Wolverine. Little more info is offered by Marvel, which feels fitting as it may very well be an extremely secured trick.

In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • 2B pencil 
  • 4B pencil 
  • 6B pencil 
  • HB Pencil 
  • H pencil 
  • 2H pencil 
  • mechanical pencil
  • blending stump
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser

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Let’s start drawing Spider-Man step by step!


spider-man simple pencil drawing tutorial

Step 1. Draw the contours of the head and body (pencil 2H).


how to draw spider-man step by step tutorial

Step 2. Draw the contours of the eyes, hands, and the upper part of the left leg (pencil H).


simple how to draw spider-man step by step

Step 3. Draw the eyes, the rest parts of the legs, the contours of the pattern on the suit (pencil 2B).


learn to draw spider-man step by step

Step 4. Draw the contours of the hands and feet (HB pencil). Draw a spider on the chest (pencil 2B) and the line of the plane where the spider-man sits (pencil 4B).


drawing spider-man step  by step tutorial

Step 5. Draw the fingers on the hands (pencil 2B), outline the contours (pencil 6B).


how to draw spider-man easy step by step tutorial

Step 6. Erase excess lines with an eraser outside and inside the contour. Brush away the dirt from the eraser with a brush.


simple step by step spider-man drawing tutorial

Step 7. Draw the transition lines of the textured pattern on the suit, the lines of the seams, the edges of the boots.


how to draw spider-man tutorial

Step 8. Hatch the head, the upper part of the suit and boots with a light touch (pencil HB), gloves (except fingers) and the right leg with stronger pressing (pencil 4B), the abdominal region and the upper part of the left leg with an intense pressing (pencil B6). Blend the applied graphite with a blending tool (blending stump). Press harder along the contour to give the body volume. Use a blending stump to draw the shade under the feet.


how to draw spider-man step by step tutorial

Step 9. Draw a grid on the head, chest, and shoulders. (mechanical pencil).


easy spider-man step by step drawing tutorial

Step 10. Wipe the “dirt” around the picture with the eraser.


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