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how old is spongebob

THE IDEA FOR THE SERIES WAS FROM AN ACTUAL MARINE BIOLOGIST. Stephen Hillenburg has a degree in natural resource planning with a marine resources emphasis, and he used to teach Marine Biology at the Orange County Marine Institute. Hillenburg also liked to draw, and created a comic book called Intertidial Zone for the Institute, which starred an early version of SpongeBob. When he worked as creative director for the Nickelodeon animated series Rocko's Modern Life, fellow animators saw the potential appeal of SpongeBob. 

A NEWLY DISCOVERED FUNGI WAS NAMED AFTER SPONGEBOB. Researchers at San Francisco State University christened a new species of mushroom Spongiforma squarepantsii in 2011, on account of its resemblance to the sea sponge. When the researchers also noted that the spore-producing area of the fungus found in the forests of Borneo resembled a seafloor "carpeted in tube sponges," it sealed the deal. It has a "fruity or musty" odor.

 IT IS THE LONGEST RUNNING NICKELODEON SERIES EVER. Surpassing Rugrats' previous record of 172 episodes, SpongeBob SquarePants will broadcast its 200th episode during the current season (the show's ninth). The show hasn't aired an original episode since March though—it is on hiatus in order to complete production on their second movie, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, set for release next February. The 3-D sequel was initially supposed to come out one week later on February 13th, but Paramount Pictures moved the release date forward to avoid competition with Fifty Shades of Grey.


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Let's draw  'SpongeBob' step by step

 how old is spongebob

Step 1. We start by drawing the body of the Spongebob, it will look like a parallelepiped. (Pencil B)


where to watch spongebob

Step 2. Using straight lines, outline the direction of the limbs and draw the edges of the shirt and shorts on the body. (Pencil B)



Step 3. Begin drawing. Draw wavy lines on top of the straight lines of the parallelepiped to make the outline look more like a sponge. Using the guide lines draw the limbs. (Pencil B)


spongebob squarepants

Step 4. We proceed to drawing the details: the face, holes on the body, shirt, tie, shorts, boots and socks. (Pencil B)


spongebob meme

Step 5. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and use a soft pencil to sharpen the outline. (Pencil 5B)


spongebob meme

Step 6. We start painting with the large parts of the drawing: the body and clothes. Initially, just give the general tone. For the body we use yellow and ocher for the holes, for the tie red, for the shorts brown and black, and also make the boots black, draw blue and red stripes on the socks. (Colored pencils yellow, ocher, red, blue, black, brown, black)


spongebob battle for bikini bottom

Step 7. We turn to a more detailed study of the painted areas. With the help of ocher we make small shadows on the body and limbs, and also add a red blush on the cheek. Make shadows on the shorts with a dark brown pencil. Increase the color on the black parts. (Colored pencils ocher, red, dark brown, black)

spongebob movie

Step 8. Finishing the remaining small details. We make the eyes with a blue, pink tongue and a dark brown palate, and on a white shirt we add shadows with a blue pencil. (Colored pencils blue, pink, dark brown)



All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
Get yours today, here is a coupon for  10% OFF:



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