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star trek

Star Trek is one of the best-known sci-fi franchises ever created with a long and exciting history. That being said, there are many unusual facts about the show that even longtime fans may not be aware of. So what are some things you don’t know about Star Trek other than the fact that red shirts are almost always as good as dead? Here are 5 facts about the franchise that just might surprise even the biggest Trekkie.

1. Spock's skin was originally going to be red.

    Gene Roddenberry visualized Spock with not only high eyebrows and pointy ears but also red skin, according to Trek FM. However, this plan fell through after screen tests showed that the red came off as jet black with the black and white television. They then made the switch to yellow, which came off as green on the screen.

    2. Eddie Murphy declined a Star Trek role.

      The comedian has a long list of great projects under his belt. However, that list is missing one huge one because he turned it down! According to I Am Spock, Paramount offered Murphy a contract to star in a Star Trek movie after his success on Saturday Night Live. Murphy was open about wanting to be a part of the franchise, so multiple scripts were drafted; however, he wasn't impressed with what they came up with. He instead starred in The Golden Child, and the writers switched the movie's tone to be more serious and wrote Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

      3. Stephen Hawking is the only individual to play himself on Star Trek.

        The appearance happens in the episode, "Descent" where Data, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking are playing poker. Hawking is pretty much the jokester, while Newton is a total buzzkill. You can find out who wins the game by watching the unusual scene on YouTube.

        4. William Shatner has never watched the series.

        It's not that uncommon for actors to not watch their work. But this could be very heartbreaking to devoted Trekkies. The star of the hit show hasn't bothered to watch one episode of his work. "I never viewed Star Trek," the actor stated in an interview. "I have not even seen any of the Star Trek movies. I don't watch myself. When I direct and have to look at filmed scenes of myself, I suck."

        5. Zachary Quinto couldn't do the Vulcan salute.

        Everyone knows the iconic Vulcan salute, however, the latest actor to take on the role couldn't nail it without some tricks. "Zach might do the salute some of the time," an insider said according to Daily Mail, "but just after he'd positioned his fingers the proper way off-camera. In some scenes, he needs to do the salute while speaking his lines, so they ended up utilizing skin-protective superglue, as they use in medical facilities, to stick his fingers together. It was the only way they might make it work."


        Let's Draw ‘Star Trek’ Step by Step


        In this tutorial we used the following supplies:

        • Pencil B
        • Pencil 5B 
        All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Store
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        star trek cast

        Step 1. We begin construction by drawing the symmetry axes. On the vertical axis, mark with strokes where the elements will be. (Pencil B)


        data star trek

        Step 2. Draw an ellipse (the upper part of the ship) on the horizontal axis and draw the lower part using the strokes, and then connect the two pieces with the fins with the use of lines. (Pencil B)


        star trek logo

        Step 3. Add details. On the upper part, draw the windows in the shape of an arc; also add lights and turbines at the bottom. (Pencil B)


        star trek: discovery season 2 episode 1

        Step 4. Remove all unnecessary construction lines. (Pencil B)


        star trek discovery

        Step 5. In the lower areas of the drawing, make a shade in tone. (Pencil B)


        star trek lower decks

        Step 6. We start working on the upper part of the ship; we use a pencil and apply it softly. We shade along with the shape of the ship and add shadows on the sides. (Pencil 5B)


        star trek discovery season 3

        Step 7. Go to the lower part, also use a pencil and apply softly for shading and hatch according to the shape of the elements, creating their volume. (Pencil B)


        star trek movies

        Step 8. The last step is to make the background. Above we draw a silhouette of the earth, and from the bottom of the moon, we draw a line like a cluster of stars between them. We use points as shading, creating with the help of their volume and chiaroscuro; we do everything with a pencil and apply them softly. (Pencil 5B)


        And There You Have It!
        Star Trek Drawing. We hope you enjoyed drawing with us. See you in the next Tutorial!
        All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Store
        Get yours today, here is a coupon for 10% OFF:


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