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how to draw a clown from IT step by step

NIL Tech has prepared a new wild Drawing Tutorial for you:"How to draw the Clown from Stephen King's IT”. Stephen King's novel It, published in 1986, is known for its massive page count and multigenerational horror legend. In 2017, the buzz around the story spiked once again due to director Andy Muschietti's big-screen adaptation of the book. And now Muschietti is continuing the story with the IT Chapter 2!


Here are some interesting facts about IT:

1. In the novel, IT is not a clown; IT is an evil entity that takes on forms connected to the individual it's terrifying. Although its most common form is a clown, IT likewise turns into creatures like werewolves and vampires, wreaking murderous havoc on the fictional town of Derry every 27 years. Strangely, the 2017 movie adaptation hit theaters 27 years after the 1990 miniseries. Because the film's production has stalled and changed hands several times, this is pure coincidence.

2. It deals with styles that eventually became King staples: the power of memory, childhood trauma, and the ugliness hiding behind a façade of typical small-town values.

3. King has stated that his goal for It was to mix all of the scariest beasts. "But then I thought to myself, 'There ought to be one binding, dreadful, nasty, gross, animal kind of thing that you do not want to see, [and] it makes you yell simply to see it,'" he explained. "So I thought to myself, 'What terrifies kids more than anything else worldwide?' And the answer was 'clowns.'"

4. It can also manipulate people and use them as tools to do their bidding. It does this by presuming a kind most familiar to them, promising them their desires, or through subliminal impact. Thus, having control over what happens in Derry, a lot of the kid murders It commits are never resolved. The reason - adults of Derry who either act as though absolutely nothing is taking place or have forgotten It.

5. IT is living in the fictional town of Derry, Maine. According to King, it's a stand-in for the real city of Bangor, Maine, where he has lived since 1979. King and his wife were arguing about moving to Portland or Bangor. King was in favor of Bangor because he considered Portland "a yuppie town" and that Bangor was "a hard-ass working-class town. " ... and I believed that the story, the big story, I wished to write, was here ... all my thoughts on monsters and the kids' tale Three Billy Goats Gruff."


In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • 2B pencil 
  • 4B pencil 
  • 6B pencil
  • 8B pencil
  • HB Pencil
  • 2H pencil
  • blending stump
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser

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Let's Start Drawing Pennywise Step by Step!


drawing pennywise easy step by step

Step 1. Draw two circles. The big one - the contour of the balloon, a smaller, more elongated - the contour of the head (pencil 2H).


drawing clown from it chapter 2 step by step

Step 2. Draw the hair outline, a ball nodule and the collar (pencil HB).


how to draw pennywise from it chapter 2 easy

Step 3. Draw the contours of the shoulders (pencil HB), folds in the ball nodule, the thread (pencil 2B). Draw the eyebrow bone and the mouth; eyes and mouth contours (pencil 4B).


easy pennywise drawing

Step 4. Draw eyebrows, ear folds, nose, eyebrows, lower lip and the upper teeth (pencil 2B, 4B for makeup lines).


easy clown from it chapter 2 drawing tutorial

Step 5. Draw the folds of clothes and the collar, some hair (pencil 4B) and teeth (pencil HB).


easy pennywise step by step drawing tutorial

Step 6. Draw the rest of the hair (pencil 3B) and the folds on the collar (pencil 2B).


how to draw clown from it chapter 2 easy

Step 7. Outline the contours in the cardinal directions (pencil 8B). Erase the excess lines with an eraser, brush away the dirt after the eraser with a brush.


easy clown from it drawing tutorial

Step 8. Hatch the hair in the direction of its growth, add shadows on the edges to create volume (pencil 6B). Hatch the face in the temple and lower jaw (pencil 4B) and smoothly rub with a blending tool to make the swings smoother (blending stump).


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2 Responses


February 06, 2024

This was definitely a fun one to draw, even though it’s a clown it was fun. My suggestion for next tutorial possibly, could you please do Red Sonia.


February 06, 2024

This was definitely a fun one to draw, even though it’s a clown it was fun. My suggestion for next tutorial possibly, could you please do Red Sonia.

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