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Turning Red (also known as Red in some countries) is a 2022 American computer-animated coming-of-age fantasy comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is directed by Domee Shi in her feature directorial debut, from a screenplay written by herself and Julia Cho. The film stars the voices of Rosalie Chiang, Sandra Oh, Ava Morse, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Hyein Park, Orion Lee, Wai Ching Ho, Tristan Allerick Chen, and James Hong. It is the first Pixar film to be solely directed by a woman, the first to take place in Canada, and the second to feature an Asian lead character after Up. The film is Pixar's 25th feature film.

Fun Facts about Turning Red:

  1. Red Panda Inspiration of course red pandas are a huge inspiration to this film, considering that Mei transforms into one. But if you look closer you will see that pretty much everything is panda inspired.

  1. Colors Play An Important Part at the heart of this story is Mei’s relationship with her mother, Ming. Many teenage girls can relate to that and we get into the inspiration behind it in a minute, but first, the color that these characters are given was completely on purpose.

  1. Real Life Mother Daughter Inspiration director Domee Shi was a teenage girl once, and she of course, would butt heads with her mother now and then. She mentions that she took a lot of moments from her real life and put them intoTurning Red.

  1. Mei’s Friends Are Different, But Similar Mei’s friends are very important to the story in Turning Red. They are her best friends, her ride or die team, and her crew. While they all have distinct personalities, and individual rules, there is one rule that shaped how they act all throughout the film. They always move together, as one, whenever they do anything. This was done in order to showcase how strong their bond is. They start and stop, all four of them, at the exact same time.

  1. Pixar’s First Woman-Led Team Turing Red is actually the first time that Pixar has had a woman-led team behind a movie, and this is not lost on Director Domee Shi. She explains what an honor this is, and that this film is made for the tween her to show girls, and kids, that women and women of color can lead big feature film productions and be successful.



Let’s start Drawing Turning Red Step by Step


In this tutorial we used the following supplies:

  • Pencil B
  • Colored Pencil:
    • Orange
    • Brown
    • Red
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Yellow
    • Burgundy
    • Pink
    • Light brown
    • Lilac
    • Green
    • Light Green
    • Turquoise


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 TRStep 1. We start drawing by using circles and lines to outline the basic figure. (Pencil B)


 TRStep 2. Based on the construction lines. Draw the shape of the body, paws, tail and ears, we also outline the median lines on the head. (Pencil B)


 TRStep 3. Remove the unnecessary construction lines. Draw the paws and muzzle, and also draw the children's guidelines with circles and lines. (Pencil B)


 TRStep 4. We remove the remaining unnecessary construction lines for the red panda. Also draw the basic guidelines of the children in more detail. (Pencil B)


 TRStep 5. Based on the construction lines of the children. Draw the more detailed shapes, guidelines and figures. (Pencil B)


 TRStep 6. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and add the facial features of the children. And also add the whiskers of the panda. (Pencils B)


 TRStep 7. On this step we start on coloring the general tone of the red panda. For this we use orange for the body, brown for the eyes, purple for the nose, black for the mouth and red for the tongue. (Colored pencils orange, brown, red, black, purple)


 TRStep 8. Further enhance the orange color for the shadows we use red, and for the light yellow on the red pandas fur. On the white parts, shade the light places with yellow. And we make shadows with burgundy and purple. also enhance shadows on the fur with brown. we strengthen black on the mouth, Shade the shadows on the tongue with burgundy. (Colored pencils red, orange, yellow, burgundy, purple, black, brown)


TRStep 9. We make a general tone for the figures of children. For the left girl and guy, use pink for the skin, and use light brown for the right girl's skin. For the clothes of the girl on the left, we use lilac and purple. For the right girl, use yellow and brown, and for the guy, green, light green and turquoise. For the hair of the girls we use dark brown, and for the guy we use orange.(Colored pencils pink, light brown, lilac, purple, yellow, brown, green, light green, turquoise, dark brown, orange.)


TRStep 10. Last step is to enhance the detailed colors of the children.  First is to add purple shadows on lilac.  Light green and yellow green on the boys jacket for the shadows. yellow, orange, brown, dark brown, and brown shadows on the skin. (Colored pencils pink, light brown, lilac, purple, yellow, brown, green, light green, turquoise, dark brown, orange)

All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Store
Get yours today, here is a coupon for 10% OFF:



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