July 20, 2022 1 min read

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Different application methods of NIL Tech Watercolor Pencils

NIL Tech watercolor pencil set includes everything you need to start exploring watercolor - just add water! Peony in Watercolor drawing tutorial coming at the end of the week, in the meantime a good time to practice watercolor pencil application. 10% Coupon at the end of the page. 

From the set you will need the 12 Watercolor Pencils, Water Brush Pen and Nylon Bristle Brush. From home water, sketchpad (NIL TECH'S are great wink-wink) and paper towel (see my mistake in the video). Watercolor pencils are marked and you can easily tell them by the color of the pencil trim and silver body.  

Without further ado: " 3 ways you can use NIL Tech Watercolor Pencils." 



Drawing PEONY Flower with Watercolor pencils 





Want to draw Peonies with us?

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NIL Tech
NIL Tech

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