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Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled "How to draw  Raccoon step by step”.

A raccoon is an amazing animal, if only because it has spread from North America to other continents and is excellent there. Now we consider the raccoon to be quite "our own" and some even keep them at home.

The raccoon has excellent fluffy and beautiful fur, and indeed, it looks very cute.

 In this lesson, we will draw a raccoon in stages. The picture of the raccoon is made by me on a graphics tablet, but you can draw with a pencil.


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 Let`s start drawing raccoon step by step

Draw the original contours of the raccoon trunk

Take a piece of paper and draw almost all these simple figures close in the center. They will help you correctly draw a common contour of the trunk and legs of the raccoon.

 The contours of the legs and ears


Now add to the drawing just five short lines and two circles to the oval of the head. And immediately it became clear that this would be the paws and ears of the raccoon. Funny video looks like raccoons caress something in the basin, like a laundress. This can only do raccoons - poloskuny and only because they love to wash abundantly any food they catch in the water, before eating it.

We finish drawing the general contours  


Add three small circles to the three lower lines, and add three more dashes to it at an angle. At the back, draw a contour of the tail with a smooth line. All! At this point, we finish drawing the preliminary placed contours and begin to outline them to make a real raccoon picture.


Circle the outer contour of the raccoon


Take a thin simple pencil and eraser. Circle the overall outline of the raccoon as shown in my drawing. If required, constantly erase the wrong strokes of the pencils and apply new ones until you achieve perfect accuracy and proportionality.


Draw the head of the raccoon in details

     Now you need to erase all internal contours, except the head and draw in detail the muzzle of the raccoon. By the way, who does the raccoon look like, do you think? A fox or a wolf, or maybe a dog? But scientists consider a raccoon a distant relative of a bear.

     The final drawing with a pencil

       Well, now you need to decide how to complete the final drawing. If in the technique of a simple pencil, then this step will help you apply shadows. If you want to do what you want to do.


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