How to Draw a Rose Step by step

How to Draw a Rose Step by step

Oct 11 , 2018

How to draw  a rose step by step

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled "How to draw a rose step by step”. Roses are popular flowers, commonly seen as a symbol of love. They're very tough to draw since they're made from many layers of petals. You require to include them carefully one by one and then shade the whole construction. In this quick tutorial, I will reveal you how to do it if you wish to build your own increased from scratch, without counting on a referral.

In this tutorial, we used the next art supplies:

  • H pencil
  • B3 pencil
  • B5 pencil
  • H5 pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Blending Stump

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    The Realistic Way to Draw a Rose Step by Step – Let’s get going!!

    rose drawing step by step

    Step 1

    Draw the centerline of the stem and bud. Mark their connection point (pencil H5).

    simple rose step by step drawing

    Step 2

    Draw the stems a circle of oval shape in place of the bud and leaves under it (pencil H5).

    how to draw rose step by step

    Step 3

    We draw a stem and two processes of leaves (pencil H5).

    rose step by step drawing tutorial

    Step 4

    Erase the centerline in the bud and draw the upper edges of the petals and needles on the stem (wash, pencil H5).

    how to draw a rose flower

    Step 5

    We draw the lower parts of the bud petals and the contours of the leaves under the bud (pencil B3).

    how to draw a realistic rose

    Step 6

    We correct the vertical and horizontal lines of the petals inside and outside the bud (pencil B3). Outline the stem line with a pencil B3 and draw the nodes of the processes for the leaves.

    how to draw a rose easy

    Step 7

    Draw leaves and teeth on the leaves (pencil H5).

     rose drawing tutorial

    Step 8

    We outline the outlines of the leaves (pencil B3), paint the flower with vertical shading, we lightly push the pencil (pencil B3).

    how to draw a rose for beginners

    Step 9

    Darken the edges of each element. Places between the petals (inside the bud) are made the darkest (pencil B5)

    how to draw a rose easy

    Step 10

    Dim the outlines of the whole picture to create a larger volume (pencil B5).
    How to draw a flower tutorial done.

    how to draw tools hand drawing

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    • 11 Oct 2018 Nancy Kamm

      Really enjoyed learning how to draw the rose. In the end mine isn’t perfect; but certainly am happier with it than I expected to be. Thank you very much for providing these tutorials.

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