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how to draw space samurai step by step

We hope you are having a great summer! NIL Tech has prepared a new awesome Drawing Tutorial for you: "How to Draw a Space Samurai". Samurai warriors lived as a component of the military the aristocracy that ruled feudal Japan for centuries. The Samurai rose to the height of their power in the 12th century, with the start of the country's very first armed forces dictatorship (referred to as the shogunate). The Samurai would undoubtedly dominate the Japanese federal government as well as society till the Meiji Remediation of 1868 led to the abolition of the feudal system.


Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Samurai:

1. Samurai were well enlightened as well as were highly literate. Samurai researched math, as well as calligraphy, in addition to blossom setup. They were imaginative and also created ink paints, rock yards, as well as wrote poetry.

2. Darth Vader, the evil character in the Star Wars motion pictures, put on a safety helmet that had been designed from the inspiration from the kabuto helmet put on by Samurai.

3. Probably one of the most surprising and also myth-busting realities about the Samurai is that not all warriors were males. While it was certainly unusual for a woman not to adhere to the standard course of cooking as well as cleaning, 'onna bugeisha' - suggesting 'women of war' - did exist. When it comes to youngsters, they were offered wooden swords to exercise fighting from the age of 3. Afterward, real weapons were given only four years later on before being elevated to know armed forces' strategies and combat skills.

4. In Japanese, Samurai are usually merely called bushi or buke. The term "samurai" is thought to originate from the Japanese word "saburau," for "those that offer in close attendance to the nobility."

5. Regardless of the luxuriant information of samurai armor, which can make the ensemble seem more like a sophisticated phase costume than a practical armor, each piece served a specific function. Unlike the armor of a European knight, the samurai armor was created for mobility. As they claim, it's not an appropriate samurai armor if you can't manage a great game of Dance Dance Revolution.

In this tutorial, we used the next art supplies:

  • 2B pencil 
  • 8B pencil
  • blending stump
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser

You can find all the tools for drawing in ourDrawing pencil set

drawing pencil set

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Let start draw a Space Samurai Step by Step:


easy samurai tutorial drawing

Step 1. Draw your space samurai out of different shapes, such as circles, ovals, squares, and triangles. Don't forget about the sword! (pencil 2B)


easy samurai drawing tutorial

Step 2. Connect the forms into the solid body. Add the helmet and hanging parts of the armor. 


learn how to draw samurai step by step

Step 3. Separate the helmet into three parts, add striped particles on the arms and another layer of hanging armor as well as other small details as on the picture.


easy samurai drawing step by step tutorial

Step 4. Add more details on the helmet, legs, feet, and arms, work on the sword, do the chest plate mechanism. 


learn to draw space samurai step by step

Step 5. Shade in parts on the knees, feet, helmet, and hands, start decorating the hanging armor. (pencil 8B)


simple samurai drawing tutorial

Step 6. Finish the pattern on the armor. Draw even more details on the arms and legs, as well as the helmet. 


how to draw space samurai tutorial

Step 7. Shade in the whole body. (pencil 2B)


step by step samurai drawing tutorial

Step 8. Color in the helmet. For a smoother transition, use the blending tool. (pencil 8B, blending stump)


space samurai drawing step by step

Step 9. To finish up, add tiny stars on the sides and as a reflection on the helmet.


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