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a cinderella story

Cinderella is a character in a folk tale that tells about a young woman living in oppression that suddenly can experience good fortune. Walt Disney's Cinderella is just one variation of the story. Cinderella began as the story of a Greek slave lady who marries an Egyptian King and comes to be the Queen of Egypt. This story was called Rhodopis, published in 7 BC. China has a version dating back to 860, and also the oldest version in Europe is from Italy (1634 ). Different versions of Cinderella have various villains, several balls, an item used to identify Cinderella (slipper, ring, bracelet, etc.), and a conclusion.


Here are some interesting facts about Cinderella:

     1. The Cinderella story performs in truth date back to the 1st century BC.

     2. Cinderella hasn't always put on a glass sandal or had a fairy godmother.

     3. Cinderella helped save Walt Disney

     4. Disney's animated Cinderella was also its first live-action Cinderella.

     5. Cinderella (1950) includes Walt Disney's favorite piece of animation.



Let's Draw 'Cinderella' Step by Step


In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:
  • Pencil B
  • Colored Pencils
    • light blue
    • blue
    • nude
    • black
    • brown
    • yellow
    • red


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cinderella original

Step 1. We start building by drawing a circle and adding a chin with a neck at the bottom (the head is in turn). Using straight lines and circles, we outline the shoulder girdle and the body and arms' direction. (Pencil B)


cinderella shoes

Step 2. Focusing on the guidelines, draw the shoulder girdle, the upper part of the dress, and the arms. (Pencil B)


cinderella song

Step 3. Draw the skirt of the dress. Cinderella holds the skirt of the dress with her hands, so there will be folds on it. (Pencil B)


cinderella costume

Step 4. Draw the face and hair on the head. Add small details to the dress, the line of gloves on the arms, and the choker. (Pencil B)


cinderella book

Step 5. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and use the nag to make the outline tone weaker. (Pencil B)


cinderella cartoon

Step 6. We outline the contour with the corresponding colored pencils. The dress is blue and light blue, and the skin is nude, the lips are red, the eyes and choker are black, the nose and eyebrows are dark brown, the hair is hunting, the hoop is blue. (Colored pencils light blue, blue, nude, black, brown, yellow, red)


disney princess carriage

Step 7. Make the overall tone of the dress blue, the skin flesh, yellow hair, black choker, blue eyes. Gloves, hoop, and elements of the dress are white, so do not touch them for now (Colored pencils blue, nude, yellow, black, red)


the cinderella story

Step 8. We start working on the shadows. Add blue shades on the elements of the dress, the hoop, and gloves. We make shadows on the petticoat with blue, and on the hair for the shadows, we take brown; we also use it for the skin. (Colored pencils light blue, blue, brown)



All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
Get yours today, here is a coupon for  10% OFF:



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