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the tale of peter rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is one of the best-selling kids' books of all time, composed and highlighted by Beatrix Potter, published independently in 1901 and commercially released in 1902. It centers on the troublesome Peter Bunny, whose disobedience leads to troubles. The tale incorporates humor, adventure, and moral lessons.


Fun Facts about Peter Rabbit:

  1. Beloved writer Beatrix Potter once possessed a bunny named Peter Piper, and they always spent time and did everything together! The "real" Peter Rabbit was a loving creature who loved playing side-by-side with Beatrix in the yard. Rumour has it Peter had a few tricks up his little blue sleeve, including leaping via hoops, playing the tambourine, and calling bells. No surprise, Peter is the globe's most precious bunny!
  1. In 1893, Potter first created the story of Peter Rabbit in a "get well soon card'" to  Noel More, a son's good friend that was ill. This letter began: "I don't know what to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits whose names were—Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter." What continued with it became the beautiful tale of Peter Bunny.
  1. In 1903, Potter formed as well as developed the very first Peter Rabbit doll. She stitched the doll using cotton material and brush bristles for its whiskers.
  1. This cherished Peter Rabbit is so well-known in Japan that people fly to the Lake Area to buy exclusive Peter Bunny products! The tales of Peter Bunny are so deeply enjoyed among the Japanese that they have developed a replica of Beatrix Potter's residence and a Peter Rabbit theme park. 
  1. Despite having sold over 151 million copies today, six different publishers formerly turned down this cherished tale. When Potter chose to release the stories herself, look what took place! Beatrix's story of self-belief, creative imagination, and perseverance is an outstanding example to your little readers to never quit on their dreams regardless of how huge or different.



Let’s start Drawing Peter Rabbit Step by Step


In this tutorial we used the following supplies:

  • Pencil B
  • Colored Pencil:
    • brown
    • blue
    • yellow
    • orange
    • light green
    • red
    • green
    • pink
    • ocher
    • dark brown
    • purple
    • cyan
    • marsh


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Step 1. We start the drawing by constructing the head with the help of a circle, then draw the middle line through the direction of the paws and ears. (Pencil B)



peter rabbit

Step 2. Based on the construction line, draw the head, ears, body, and legs and outline the carrot's length. (Pencil B)



peter rabbit 2

Step 3. Draw the shape of the carrot, and on it, a bag of vegetables, also add buttons to the shirt. (Pencil B)



peter rabbit movie

Step 4. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and outline the contour with colored pencils. Use brown for the head and paws, blue for the shirt, yellow for buttons, orange for carrots, light green for the ponytail, red for the pouch, and green, yellow, and orange for the vegetables in it. (Colored pencils brown, blue, yellow, orange, light green, red, green)



peter rabbit tale

Step 5. We make the general tone, paint according to the outline's color, and make the inner part of the ears pink. (Colored pencils pink, brown, blue, yellow, orange, light green, red, green)



the tale of peter rabbit

Step 6. Start the detailed colorwork with the wool. Do some shading, imitating the texture of the wool. We use ocher for light areas and brown and dark brown for dark areas. (Colored pencils ocher, brown, dark brown)



peter rabbit film

Step 7. Next, go to the shirt, and for it, we use purple and blue in dark areas, and in light areas, we use cyan. Emphasize the color of the buttons with yellow and make a small shadow with ocher. (Colored pencils blue, purple, yellow, ocher, cyan)



peter rabbit characters

Step 8. The last step is to finalize the rest of the drawing. For carrots, we use colors yellow and orange in the light areas, and red for the dark part. We use colors yellow and light green for the tail of carrots in the light areas, and in the dark area, we use marsh. We then finish creating the bag with the help of red and the shadow with purple. (Colored pencils orange, yellow, light green, marsh, red, purple)



All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Store
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