How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

Jul 19 , 2018

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled "How to draw R2D2”.

Always wanted to draw R2D2 from the Star Wars films? This is your opportunity to find out how.
R2-D2 (phonetically spelled Artoo-Detoo, and called "Artoo" for short), is a fictional droid in the Star Wars universe, an astromech droid

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Let's Start drawing

This is a very hard or a really basic drawing depending on how you tackle it. Due to the fact that the droid D2R2 is very geometric and you wish to be rather accurate to convey that geometry feel. It can be simple if you can work with rulers and the such but it can be quite hard if you are not comfy with those and aim to do whatever without correct construction lines.

With this tutorial, we'll reveal to you an easy approach to get R2D2 right from the start with a few standard building and construction lines.

Start by drawing a rectangular shape. that's it. It is so simple. A rectangle like the one listed below. The rectangle is entitled on the left a little.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

The best ways to draw Star Wars characters - the geometry of the figure

The next step is to draw a circle that has its center slightly above the rectangular shape brief size. You can see it plainly in the illustration below.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

So far so simple. Now it begins to get a bit complicated. First divide the extending part of the sphere into 2 equivalent parts however likewise be sure to cut two thin slices at the top and bottom of the head as shown here.
Likewise identify the midline of the body using a longitudinal line and follow the curvature of the head.
Likewise taper the rectangular shape at its base somewhat.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

Resourceful and spunky, the android established an adventurous personality during his numerous decades of operation. Within his cylindrical frame were many arms, sensing units, and other tools that might be extended to meet various needs, such as slicing computer systems, putting out fires, predicting holograms, fixing starships, and flying.

Ways to draw Star Wars characters-- constructing the legs

Divide the body-rectangle into 3 parts. The higher of these 3 sections will include the hinges of the robo-legs.
These are built beginning with a number of elliptical shapes on each side as you can see here. The best one is self explanatory but the best one is more complex due to the fact that is partly covered by the body itself so be extremely careful with it.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

From those 2 joints you wish to draw straight lines going down and to the left. These lines need to be parallel mind you since they are solid mechanical elements and have to be fairly accurate.
This is an isometric view of the Droid D2R2 and all lines have to be parallel and coherent. Despite the fact that the right leg is mostly covered by the body it works to draw it anyway trigger it gives a good guide on how to position the feet.
the feet are 2 unusual solids I know but not made complex to draw. Imagine you are just joining the smaller sized rectangles at the end of the legs with the larger rectangular shapes that form the base of the feet.
Do not forget the wheels!

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

The best ways to draw Star Wars characters - the third foot
The third frontal foot is practically similar in size to the ideal foot simply placed in front of the body and aligned to the midline.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

To complete this building off, connect the third foot nicely to body and prepare to complete the drawing and including the needed details!

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars character step by step

Together with his counterpart, the protocol droid C-3PO, R2-D2 constantly found himself directly associated with turning points of galactic history. His bravery, paired with his numerous devices, played large functions in conserving the galaxy time and time once again. Like other astromech androids, R2-D2 could walk on 2 legs or utilize a 3rd leg to roll throughout the ground.

Ways to draw Star Wars characters - Let's finish it!

At this point it's time to get rid of all those building lines and bring our last drawing to life!
So proceed and remove all the lines that are not in view and covered by parts of the robotic that are in front of them.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

Use this as a perfect background to draw your last line work and you'll wind up with a Droid-canvas ready to be filled by the many technical details that identify this android.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

The best ways to draw Star Wars characters - Complete the illustration

At this moment to conclude it you need to go discover a recommendation photo of R2-D2 on the internet or where you want.
Look carefully at all the little details it has on it`s body and fills those up as much as you desire.
Here there is an example of how your illustration might take a look at the end of this process.

How to draw R2D2 from Star Wars step by step

You can be basically in-depth if you want but the point is you have constructed an offered summary upon which to add the information typical of this android which makes it special.

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