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drawing native american day step by step

Hi, great news - the new blog post is out, NIL Tech's new drawing tutorial: "Native American Day Drawing".

Native American Day is about valuing the long history of culture and traditions that Native Americans have protected throughout time. The holiday is celebrated in states such as South Dakota and California. Native American Day was initially called "American Indian Day" when Governor Ronald Reagan signed a resolution calling for a modification in 1968.


Here are some facts about Native American Day:

1. 'Native Americans' Day is a public holiday in South Dakota and Berkeley, California, instead of Columbus Day. Federal government offices are closed, as are lots of organizations and schools. It is likewise a statewide observance in all of California on the 4th Friday of September.

2. In South Dakota, individuals celebrate 'Native Americans' Day through gaining from educational resources that concentrate on the traditions, culture, and background of Native Americans. It is a day to honor the heritage of Native Americans and for both native and non-native cultures to unify, so the numerous aspects of native culture can be shared.

3. In Berkeley, California, some companies, community groups, and churches support the day through awareness-raising activities about the history, culture, and traditions of indigenous individuals of the United States. Cultural events such as markets and pow wows, which are gatherings of North America's native people, are held. In contemporary times, pow wows include dancing, singing, socializing, and commemorating Native American culture.


In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • 3B pencil 
  • 8B pencil 
  • H pencil 
  • 3H pencil 
  • 5H pencil 
  • color pencils
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
  • blending stump
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser

You may find all the tools for drawing in our Drawing pencil set


art set

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Let's start drawing a Native American, step by step!


native day pencil drawing tutorial

Step 1. Draw the circle of the sun on the top of the page (pencil 5H).


how to make a native american drawing step by step

Step 2. Draw the contours of the body and hands (pencil 3H).


drawing american native day step by step

Step 3. Draw the oval of the head, the contours of the feet and hands (pencil H).


native american day step by step drawing tutorial

Step 4. Draw the external contours of the silhouette with details and the soil under the feet (pencil HB).


native american day drawing tutorial

Step 5. Add the contours of the weapon (pencil HB).


native american day pencil drawing tutorial

Step 6. Erase the excess lines inside and outside the contour with an eraser. Outline the contours (pencil 3B).


how to make a native american day pencil drawing

Step 7. Shade the silhouette inside the contour (pencil 8B). Smooth graphite with a blending tool so that there were no white gaps left (blending stump). If you accidentally draw outside contour, erase the graphite with an eraser. Shade the silhouette from top to bottom. You won't rub the graphite with this technique.


making a native american day pencil drawing

Step 8. Paint over the sun and sky (somewhere in the middle, mix the colors: the sun - yellow + orange, the sky - orange + red).


NIL Tech
NIL Tech

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