BUJO: Bullet Journal, Free Sample

Bullet journaling is a system of keeping track of your life. It's a way to organize your thoughts, goals, and daily tasks in a way that works for you. Bullet journals come in all shapes and sizes, some people like to use them as planners or calendars; others use them as sketchbooks or diaries; still more use them as both!

There are two main parts of any bullet journal:

  • An index page at the front where you can write down what each page is about (e.g., "January" or "2023") and then list all the other pages by month/year order so it's easy to find what you need when flipping through the book later on.
  • Then there are individual pages with sections for each day where you write down important things happening during that day (e.g., birthdays), reflect on recent events (e.g., "What did I learn today?"), set goals for yourself ("When will I do my laundry next?"), draw stuff that makes you happy...you get the idea.
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What is a Bullet Journal

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