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Buzzing Bee Step by Step Fun Guide 🐝

Welcome to the Buzzy Bee Fun tutorial, where creativity takes flight! In this step-by-step guide, we'll embark on an artistic journey to draw a delightful bee, infused with sunny vibes and friendliness. But wait, there's a twist! Instead of traditional wings, we'll add a personal touch using handprints, making this artwork truly buzz-worthy.

Even if your little one's hands are pre-teen sized (but still super cute, as you can see in the picture!), they'll love getting involved. And if you're a proud pet parent, don't worry - grab some non-toxic paint (links provided below) and imprint those adorable furry paws too! So, grab your pencils, paints, and let's spread some sunshine with our buzzing buddy!

Step 1 - Let's start by drawing the lines for the bee's head. Imagine sketching an oval and then adding some cute round lines inside for the face.

Buzzy Bee craft for kids

Step 2 - Now, right under the middle of your oval, draw a line that looks like a friendly half-circle. This will be where our bee's body fits in perfectly.

Step-by-step bee drawing

Step 3 - Time to give our bee some adorable eyes! Draw two egg shapes, making one a tad smaller than the other. Inside each eye, add a tiny black circle for the pupil and a little white circle to make those peepers sparkle.

Handprint wings craft

Step 4 - Let's erase those inside lines on the head oval. Then, on each side of the face, draw some oval shapes for our bee's cheeks. In the middle, draw a wiggly, rounded 'W' for a happy mouth.

DIY bee art project

Step 5 - On either side of the body, sketch two curved lines that resemble half-circles. These will be our bee's delicate wings.

Family-friendly art project

Step 6 - Underneath the body, draw some shapes for the bee's cute hands and feet. Don't forget a small 'V' shape for that stinger!

DIY handprint activity

Step 7 - Time for some expression! Above the eyes, draw two slightly longer ovals for eyebrows. Then, between the eyes, add two curved lines for a fuzzy hairdo.

Non-toxic paint for pet crafts

Step 8 - On each side of the body, add two shapes with a line down the middle. These are extra wings for our buzzing buddy.

Personalized artwork

Step 9 - Before we break out the colors, let's add some pizzazz to our artwork! Grab a container, a brush, and a paint roller. Choose any color you fancy.

Mother's Day themed artwork

Step 10 - Ready those palms, folks! Make sure they're squeaky clean.

Joyful crafting

Step 11 - Double-check that your hand fits nicely on your canvas or paper. Measure twice, paint once!

Bee-themed artwork

Step 12 - Time to roll! Use the paint roller to spread that color nice and even in the container.

Mother's Day craft

Step 13 - Press your palm gently into the paint, making sure it's coated just right.

handmade mothers day gift

Step 14 - Stamp your painted palm beside your bee art or anywhere you think needs a touch of your creativity.

mathers day gift

Step 15 - Ta-da! You've added your personal touch with a handprint. Go wild and repeat as many times as you like!

crafts with mom

Step 16 - Now for the best part - coloring! Follow our guide or let your imagination soar. It's your bee masterpiece, so have a blast and let those creative vibes flow!"

arts and crafts

In this tutorial we used our Drawing Pencils Art Set – 55 Watercolor Pencils and Sketching Art Supplies - CLICK ON THE PIC

Watercolor Pencils Set

As we wrap up our Buzzy Bee Fun tutorial, we hope you've enjoyed this creative journey filled with sunshine and smiles! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, adding personal touches like handprints can truly make your artwork buzz-worthy. Remember, creativity knows no bounds, so let your imagination soar and have fun crafting with your little ones!

If you're ready to add some color to your bee masterpiece or capture your furry friend's paw prints, we've got you covered with links to non-toxic paints below:

1. GOTIDEAL Craft Acrylic Paint Set,8 Primary Colors((120ml,4 oz) Rich Pigments Non-Toxic Washable

2. Apple Barrel, Vibrant Spectrum Collection Acrylic Craft Paint, PROMOABIII, 2 fl oz each, 16 assorted matte colors

3. Acrylic Paint Set of 36 Colors 2fl oz 60ml Bottles,Non Toxic 36 Colors Acrylic Paint No Fading Rich Pigment

*We get a small commission when you purchase through our affiliate links! Helps us support Free access for all to our Step by Step Drawing Tutorials. 

So, grab your supplies, gather your loved ones, and let's keep spreading sunshine one artwork at a time! Happy crafting, everyone!


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