February 26, 2024 2 min read

Embark on a delightful artistic journey with our step-by-step drawing tutorial, where you'll bring to life a cute rabbit clutching a carrot. This guide is tailored for artists of all levels, employing mechanical pencils for initial sketches, fineliners for defining crisp outlines, and brush pens for adding vibrant colors and depth. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner eager to learn, this tutorial offers a comprehensive approach to mastering the art of drawing with these versatile tools.

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Let's Get Started!

how to draw a rabbit

Step 1. Draw criss cross construction lines, they will help guide drawing the shape of Rabbits head. 

 easy rabbit drawing

Step 2. Draw two circles for eyes. To give the Rabbit a cute and more expressive facial expression draw one eye smaller. 

easy rabbit drawing
Step 3. Draw two ovals, as shown, at the top of the head where eyebrows will be. A small circle for a nose. Draw circles for pupils, smaller on the left side as well. 
step by step rabbit drawing
Step 4. Draw a rounded W for mouth. 
rabbit drawing tutorial
Step 5. Draw the outline of Rabbit's ears.
easy rabbit drawing
Step 6. Draw the inner outline of rabbit ears. Two ovals for cheeks. 
how to draw rabbit easy
Step 7. Now time to draw the body. 
rabbit drawing tutorial
Step 8. Time to draw his cute wavy tail and his paws.
rabbit drawing tutorial
Step 9. Draw a big carrot body in front of the rabbit. Section paws. 
drawing tutorial
Step 10. Draw an oval at the top of the carrot. Add lines on a carrot. 
rabbit drawing
Step 11. Draw front paws on top of the carrot, holding it. 
rabbit how to draw
Step 12. Add circle detail at the top of the carrot, as shown. 
how to draw a rabbit
Step 13. Mark up toes on the paws and leaves. 
drawing a rabbit
Step 14. Now the best part! Time to Color! We used tan and lightest nude along with pink and to give it a bit of a pop added small light blue details. 
As you finish bringing your adorable rabbit and carrot to life, we invite you to share your masterpiece with a community that appreciates your creativity. Join us on our social media platforms, post your drawing, and don't forget to tag us. We love seeing your unique interpretations and celebrating your artistic journey. Let your creativity shine and inspire others in our growing community of artists!

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