Thematical Coloring Book Dedicated to the Upcoming Father’s Day

Thematical Coloring Book Dedicated to the Upcoming Father’s Day

Jun 19 , 2020

father's day

Hi everybody and welcome to a new blog on the NIL-tech. This one is dedicated to the upcoming Father’s Day.

There are 5 things that your father will never say:

  1. "No child of mine is going to live under this roof without an earring. Now quit your belly-aching and let's go to the shopping center."
  2. "Whaddya wanna go and get a job for? I make a lot of cash for you to spend."

And the primary thing you'll never hear a daddy say:
  1. "What do I want for Father's Day? Aahh-- do not stress over that. It's no big offer." (in fact, they may say this, however, they don't actually mean it).
  2. "Your Mother and I are leaving for the weekend. You might want to think about throwing a party."
  3. " Here are a charge card and the secrets to my new automobile. Go nuts!!!".

Also, check some funny dad and grandpa stories:

  1. My sister and I believed our dad was humoring us by chuckling when we attempted to tickle him, however, we were incorrect. One day we hit an additional delicate spot and chased him out of the house wearing just his briefs. He never let us tickle him again!

  1. When I was about 5 or 6 and growing up in northern Florida my father and I went to Disney World without my mom. We arrived at the hotel relatively late and I was extremely tired, however, we had to get some dinner. Seeing how tired and irritated I was, my daddy made us a supper out of snacks at the vending machine and let me eat in bed and fall to sleep. It felt so decadent and naughty. And it was the very best night of sleep I think I've ever had.

  1. We participate in a small church in south Mississippi where kids generally sit with their moms and dads throughout the mass. I was so happy with our two-year-old that day since being quiet during the preaching. Towards the end of the sermon the preacher, my dad, began raising his voice to highlight his main points. Our little queen stood and shouted, "Calm down Pawpaw!" Everyone in the church, including my dad, took a minute to laugh.


And here is the promised Coloring book!

Father day coloring book
Father day coloring book

 You can download full Free for you with Coupon code at checkout:



Happy Father’s day to everyone! Use this holiday to bring all your family together and create some unforgettable memories on June 16th!

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