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How to draw a cat

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on theNIL-tech, this time entitled"How to draw a cat”.The cat is a small meat-eating mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and frequently described as the domestic feline to identify it from wild family members. The cat is either a home feline, kept like an animal, or a feral feline, freely varying and avoiding human contact. A house feline is valued by humans for friendship and for its ability to hunt rodents. About 60 feline types are acknowledged by numerous feline computer registries.

Here are 5 facts about our casts:

  1. A Cat's Meow Is Used To Communicate With Humans, Not Other Cats

Adult felines just meow at humans. Kitties utilize vocalizations to communicate with their moms, but adult felines don't really meow at each other. Some researchers claim that meowing was established to manipulate people; numerous cat parents probably agree. (Cats do yowl at other cats, particularly if they are in heat.).

  1. Felines Don't Have A Sweet Tooth.

Much to the annoyance of anybody yearning that 2nd helping of cake, felines cannot be lured by sugars. All cats, from tigers to house cats, lack the gene to taste sweets. This is thought to be because cats, unlike carbohydrate-dependent people, are obligate carnivores.

  1. Felines Are Far-sighted.

Ever wonder why your cat doesn't seem to see the treat right in front of her nose? Felines have exceptional night vision and can see far-off items clearly, but they can have a problem focusing on objects right in front of them; their close-up vision is estimated to be about 20/100 on the human vision scale. Felines also have a blind area right in front of their noses. Naturally, hairs and an excellent sense of odor balance out this weak point.

  1. Cats Can Become Addicted To Tuna.

Although a little tuna fish is a safe reward, however too much can be bad for a cat's health. Cats can become addicted to the strong taste and taste of tuna and refuse to eat anything else. These "tuna addicts" can end up struggling with poor nutrition.

  1. A Housecat Could Outrun 100 Meter World Record Holder Usain Bolt.

A domestic cat can run about 30 miles per hour; Usain Bolt averages 27 miles per hour.

In this tutorial we used the next art supplies:

  • H pencil
  • HB pencil
  • H2 pencil
  • B2 pencil
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Blending Stump

You can find all the tools for drawing in our Drawing pencil set

art pencil drawing set

Drawing Pencils Set

The NIL Tech Pencil Setis the highest quality art supplies with all the tools you need to create your own masterpiece Different types of tools in one case sketching kit helps you create multiple variations of art work the easy way. The tool set is perfect for use at home, school and office for creating drawings, sketching and completing art projects. Great for artist's and student use. Take your pencil set wherever you go!

Let start Draw a Cat Step by step:


How to draw a cat step 1

Step 1. Draw the guidelines for the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. (Pencil H2)


How to draw a cat step 2

Step 2. Draw the head and ears. Draw the guidelines of the chest and front paws. Draw circles in places where the joints of the front paws are located. (Pencil H2)

How to draw a cat step 3

Step 3. Draw the contours of the body, hind paw, and tail. (Pencil H2)

    How to draw a cat step 4

    Step 4. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. We erase the guidelines and circles of the joints. (HB pencil, eraser)

      How to draw a cat step 5

      Step 5. Shade the body and head with lines. (Pencil B2)

        How to draw a cat step by step 6

        Step 6. Rubbing Blending the lines that you drew in step 5. (Blending stamp)

          How to draw step by step 7

          Step 7. We draw pupils of eyes, nostrils, and fingers on paws. We draw stripes on the body and head. (Mechanical pencil)

            cat step by step 8

            Step 8. We draw wool with small and thin strokes along the contours of the back and right paw. Dimming eye contour and crown of the head. (Mechanical pencil).

              How to draw a cat step by step 9

              Step 9. Rubbing the blending of the chest and legs, draw a pencil B8 forehead and back, to create a volume of wool. We erase stains around the picture. We draw mustaches and eyelashes with long sharp strokes. (Mechanical pencil, eraser, B8, Blending stamp)

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