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How to draw a Simple dragon

Hi everybody and welcome to a new tutorial on the NIL-tech, this time entitled "How to draw a Simple dragon”.

Looking for basic dragon drawings are you? Well, my good friend you are simply in the best place.


I am going to show you, through this tutorial, ways to realize a basic drawing of a dragon. I 'd say an extremely stylized and enjoyable one. So get your preferred pencil and begin drawing with me!


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Basic dragon illustrations step by step - the foundation


Dragons are a bit complicate to draw aren't they? At least the western design dragons. They have the head of a reptile, the neck of a giraffe and the body of a dinosaur plus a long and flexible tail not to point out the wings!

 So I comprehend it may seem daunting to start drawing. Where to start from??

 Stay calm and breath. As typical we'll start by specifying standard shapes that we'll utilize as a skeleton upon which to build our drawing of a dragon.

How to draw a Simple dragon

In the picture I have actually attracted red the very backbone of our illustration. With couple of lines I have decided around the size of the head, of the body, the length of the legs and even sketched a possible position for the tail.


A couple of lines are really essential here: the spine, which continues in the tail and the simple bones of the leg. Absolutely nothing fancy as you can see but enough to offer me an idea of the position and general proportion of the dragon.


Easy dragon illustrations - including the volume

In the second photo I have actually "wrapped" the skeleton with a little flash, sketched in the shape of the head and included the wings in green.

 As you can see everything is very sketchy at this phase and you should keep it like that. Lots of things can and will change during the illustration.

 However now we have a better concept on the basic design of the dragon and how the numerous parts communicate with each other.

How to draw a Simple dragon

How to draw a Simple dragon

Time to work a bit on the expression of our funky dragon. I desired it to be pleased and cheerful. Delighted to be a Dragon! Likewise, I wished to experiment a bit with the size of the eye which is an important component of the final expression.


Being such a simple drawing the essential facial functions have a crucial importance in figuring out the expression of the animal. A smaller eye would have conveyed for instance an entirely various feeling to the dragon expression.


Easy dragon illustrations - Paws and eye

Now think it or not I haven't done anything particularly elegant in this step. I have actually just removed the skeleton (it worked completely up until now) and started to have fun with the size and orientation of the paws.


Now this is an essential action and terribly drawn paws can seriously mess up the last result of the drawing. See how the ideal front paw averts from us while the left paw looks almost toward our direction.

How to draw a Simple dragon

How to draw a Simple dragon

I have actually decided I did not like the teeth in the mouth and I removed them. I have also offered a little love to the rear paw and the eye. I have actually given it a little highlight.


Easy dragon drawings - The tail

How to draw a Simple dragon

I informed you that things would have altered. By observing my drawing I discovered I did not like the initial curvature of the tail so I deleted it and redrawn.

 Prior to it was unnatural and compressed now the circulation of the tail is far more fluid and natural and adds to the general balance of the structure.

How to draw a Simple dragon

At this moment I have added a little bit of information on the head and in the next action I am going to add a line of scales running along the spinal column and tail of the dragon.


The technique to place the scales correctly is to draw clearly where the actual spine is in the tail. The red line in the drawing shows precisely that. As soon as you have actually worked out the position of the vertebral line, positioning the scales is a child game! Let's see it.


There you have it! See how I have positioned the scales along the red line and how natural and reliable is the appearance of the tail now! That's an excellent tip! Now I simply have to eliminate the red line and the illustration is finished!


Simple dragon illustrations - The last touches

How to draw a Simple dragon

And there you go, an enjoyable and happy little funky dragon! Hope you enjoyed this brand-new tutorial from the NIL-Tech!

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