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world wildlife day

A Day to Celebrate!

World Wildlife Day is the most crucial international annual occasion committed to wildlife. On the 3rd of March in 1973, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was born.

For the World Wildlife Day we chose the King of the Jungle; the Lion as a subject. 2021 World Wildlife Day will be celebrated under the theme "Forests and Livelihoods: sustaining people and planet" as a way to highlight the central role of forests, forest types, and ecosystems services in sustaining the incomes of hundreds of countless individuals worldwide, and especially of Local and native communities with historical ties to forested and forest-adjacent locations.


World Wildlife Day Top Events and Things to Do:

1. Delight in the planet's biodiversity by going to the zoo or by going on a safari. You might also check out a nature museum, an arboretum, or a national park to see the wide range of flora and fauna.

2. Volunteer to help clean up trash and other debris along a beach, park, or stretch of road. Trash and particles contaminate the water and land environments of our world's animals and plants. In addition to contaminating, garbage and particles can be ingested by animals or can serve as a net and trap them.

3. See documentaries about conservation efforts and global loss of biodiversity. A few of our favorites are Call of Life (2010 ), End of the Line (2009 ), Home (2009), and Garbage Island (2008 ).

4. Contribute to one of the many companies that secure the planet and conserve biodiversity. Organizations consist of the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife Alliance, and Animal Well-being Institute.

5. Host a wildlife celebration. Prepare various trivia concerns and realities about animals and plants, and divide your buddies into groups to see who is the most educated about the world's biodiversity.


Let's Draw ‘Lion: World Wildlife Day’ Step by Step

    In this tutorial we used the following supplies:

    • Pencil B
    • Colored Pencil
      • Brown 
      • Dark Brown
      • Green
      • Ocher
      • Dark Green
      • Light Green
      • Yellow
      • Orange


    All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
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     world wildlife day

    Step 1. We begin construction by drawing a middle line and a circle (the future lion's head). (Pencil B)



    Step 2. Draw the face inside the circle and around the circle; the limits of the mane. (Pencil B)


    mountain lion

    Step 3. Draw the contour of the mane over the outlined lines, and draw the paws below. (Pencil B)


    lion face

    Step 4. Draw fingers on the paws and add a tail. Draw the shape of the future leaves at the back. (Pencil B)


    national wildlife day

    Step 5. On top of the outlined lines, draw the outline of the leaves and also add others in shape at the back. (Pencil B)


    lion drawing

    Step 6. Remove all unnecessary construction lines and use the eraser to make the outline lighter. (Eraser)


    lion drawing easy

    Step 7. Draw out the existing colored outline with colored pencils. For the lion we use brown and ocher, and for the leaves we use green, the shadow is dark brown. (Colored pencils brown, dark brown, green, ocher)


    lion head drawing

    Step 8. We start painting with the leaves and make its general tone using green. (Colored pencil green)


    lion face drawing

    Step 9. Next, we work on the leaves. For those that are above and below, we use light green and yellow in the light areas, and green and dark green in the dark areas. For the rest, you only need green and dark green. (Colored pencils green, dark green, light green, yellow)


    easy lion drawing

    Step 10. Move on to the lion and enhance its general tone. We use brown and ocher for the mane, and ocher for the paws. (Colored pencils brown, ocher)


    world wildlife fund

    Step 11. Working on the lion. To convey the texture of the coat, we try to make different strokes. For the light areas we will use orange, yellow and ocher, and for the dark areas we will use brown and dark brown. At the bottom, make a shadow with a gradient using a dark brown color. (Colored pencils orange, yellow, ocher, brown, dark brown)


    And There You Have It!

    Lion: World Wildlife Day Drawing. We hope you enjoyed drawing with us. See you on the next Tutorial!


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    All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at NIL-Tech Amazon Store
    Get yours today, here is a coupon for 10% OFF:



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