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learn how to draw santa step by step

Hi everybody, and welcome to a newNIL-Tech drawing tutorial: "Santa". Christmas is celebrated in numerous countries and has a wide range of celebration ways. Much of the decorations and customs we are using to make the Christmas special have an exciting appearance story that might be hidden in history.

With these intriguing facts, test your knowledge of the Christmas holiday:

1. Coca-Cola played a substantial part in Santa's look. According to Coca-Cola, Santa used to look less jolly - and even creepy. Try to Google the first images of Santa. It wasn't until the drink company hired an illustrator Haddon Sundblom in 1931 to design images of Santa for magazine advertisements that we got the warm and friendly Santa we know today. Now, kids would not be afraid of disturbing Santa's every night work.

2. Hanging stockings began with an accident. According to legend, we hang out stockings by the chimney with care thanks to a poor man who did not have the money for his three daughters' dowries. Kind old St. Nick (remember, that's his trademark!) dropped a bag of gold down their chimney one evening, where the girls had hung their stockings to dry by the fire completely. That's where the gold was found, and presumably just how the tradition started.

3. The settlers created the first American batch of eggnog. The Jamestown settlers created the very first American set of eggnog, although it might not have tasted fairly the way the egg-centric concoction does today. The word nog comes from words grog; that is, any beverage made with rum. So technically, a very early nog did not actually require the creamy, milky base we now see on the store racks and ladle out of granny's cut-crystal punch dish.

4. The term "Xmas" goes back to the 1500s. Think "Xmas" is an edgy, relatively new way to abbreviate Christmas or a secular attempt to take the Christ out of Christmas? Think again. According to "From Adam's Apple to Xmas: An Essential Vocabulary Guide for the Politically Correct", words "Christianity" was spelled "Xianity" as far back as 1100. X, or Chi in Greek, is the very first letter of "Christ" and served as a symbolic stand-in. In 1551, the holiday was called "Xtemmas"; however, eventually shortened to "Xmas."

5. In Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, discovering a spider or a spider's web on a Xmas tree is believed to be a harbinger of good luck. According to one legend, a spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus, according to another one - a spider web on the Christmas tree turned silver and gold when the sunshine touched it. One way or another, decorating a Christmas tree with spiders and spider webs will inevitably bring you luck and prosperity!

In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:

  • B pencil
  • 2B pencil
  • 3B pencil 
  • 4B pencil 
  • 5B pencil
  • H pencil
  • 2H pencil
  • 4H pencil 
  • colored pencils
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • White Vinyl Eraser


All tools used in this tutorial and more you may find at ourStore.
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Let's start drawing Santa step by step!


easy Santa step by step drawing

Step 1. Draw circles: two adjacent and a separate one - top left from these two (pencil 4H).


learn to draw Santa step by step

Step 2. Draw the nose and neck of the deer (pencil H), Santa's face lines (pencil 2H), a beard, a bag, and a belt (pencil B).


simple step by step Christmas drawing

Step 3. Draw the lines of the antlers, the harness, the eye (pencil 2B), and legs (pencil 4H). Draw a belt buckle, a hat, and gifts in a bag (pencil 3B).


how to draw santa step by step tutorial

Step 4. Draw the details - the bells on the harness, legs, buckle on the belt, sleeves, and the backside of the clothes (pencil 5B). Draw nose eyes, eyebrows, mustache on the Santa's face, and the deer's head (mechanical pencil). Finish drawing the antlers, as in the last step (pencil 2B).


santa drawing tutorial for christmas

Step 5. Draw the legs in boots (pencil 4B) and croup of a deer (pencil 5B).


step by step Santa pencil drawing tutorial

Step 6. Outline the contours to see the lines that we initially used to build the drawing and which we will erase later (pencil 4B).


learn to draw santa step by step

Step 7. Erase the extra lines inside and outside the contour.


simple christmas drawing tutorial

Step 8. Color the deer with uniform tones, Santa's costume, and bag, shoes and gifts, antlers, and Santa's face as in the example above (colored pencils).


santa step by step drawing tutorial

Step 9. Apply shades with darker tones as in the example (color pencils).


NIL Tech
NIL Tech

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